25 Signs Tumblr Has Your Soul

Gil C./Shutterstock.com
Gil C./Shutterstock.com

1.  You tell yourself you won’t go on Tumblr in public

2. You go on Tumblr in public

3. You laugh at things on Tumblr in public

4. You don’t care about all the people staring at you laughing by yourself

5. You wish you could respond to people in person using gifs

6.  You’ve had a legitimate argument with a friend about whether it’s pronounced “jif” or “gif”

7. You spend more time than you’ll admit finding the right gif to any conversation or emotion you are capable of feeling

8. Most of those gifs are from Supernatural…because what is that show anyway?

9. You may never have seen the shows Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, or Teen Wolf, but you know the important details:

  • Doctor Who: bow ties are cool
  • Sherlock: something about a gay detective and his gay doctor friend
  • Supernatural: everyone is gay and everyone knows
  • Teen Wolf: gay wolves

10.  You can FEEL the homoerotic subtext. You feel it in your bonessssssssssss. (Yes, the double entendre was intended)

11.  You know it’s not going to happen, but your OTP needs to be canon. Seriously though, can Destiel just happen already? Was that longing stare NOT in the script? Come on now.

12.  You judge people based on their fandom

13. You judge people even more when they don’t have a fandom

14.  You judge people for not knowing what a fandom is

15.  You judge people for judging people

16. You’ve considered becoming more “boho”

17.  You’ve dismissed thought after getting a comb stuck in your hair for half an hour while trying to perfect a messy bun

18. You may not listen to any bands that could be considered pop punk, but you reblog their lyrics like it’s your job

19.  You find human interaction strange and you only watch from afar, like you would at a zoo, or a museum

20.  You only go outside to take a picture or two and post it on social media so your friends and family can stop worrying that you will spend the rest of your life in your bed.
But really…like, you don’t even have a problem.

21. You’ve stopped doing things you love, you’re too busy reblogging

22.  You don’t do homework anymore

23.  You stop talking to friends and family

24.  You just haven’t been the same since you’ve started Tumblin’

25.  You give no fucks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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