Flirting Red Flags

9 Things Men Say To Flirt (But That Women Hear Like Red Flags)

1. “I can’t help myself around you.”

This is an extremely unattractive thing to say. It sounds like he is incapable of stopping himself from sexually assaulting or raping someone. A man should always be able to “help” himself and respect a woman and her desires.

2. “Don’t wear makeup.”

The thought is of course that the woman is “enough” without makeup. Unless the woman asks, it screams of controlling issues and a sense of ownership over another person. Just as a man gets to style his hair in peace, a woman should get to decide how little or how much makeup to put on.

3. “I grew up with a strong mother.”

This is supposed to be a way of reassuring a strong woman that she is in the company of one of the few men that can “handle” her. No woman wants to be tolerated, handled, or seen as difficult. She wants to be seen as who she is, regardless of gender.

4. “You are a strong woman.”

It sounds like a compliment but lets women know that you think of most women as weak and that you feel that you are an authority on what makes women strong or weak.

5. “I don’t want anyone else to see that.”

It is supposed to be sexy because it involves a secret between two lovers. Women should feel free to share as little or as much as they want of their beauty. A man saying that lets a woman know that his need to possess is greater than his need for her to feel free.

6. “You may not be beautiful to every man, but I love it, baby.”

This one should not even have to be addressed. Only insecure men who are afraid of losing the woman they are with would say this to make the woman feel like he is the only choice she has.

7. “What are you doing later/tonight/after that? I want to see you whenever I can.”

Is this meant to be attractive? All it does is let a woman know you have no life of your own and can bring nothing to the relationship. It’s also an indication that women are just a way to pass time.

8. “My ex was nothing like you.”

This is a complicated thing to say. It usually means you have no idea what you want.

9. “I always think you look beautiful.”

Though it is a sweet phrase, it comes across as rather disinterested. Most women would like men to notice a difference when they change their looks. Sometimes it’s good to acknowledge that a person looks more radiant. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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