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This Is What It Means To Find The Right Person

You tell yourself that you are totally and completely in love, that you could walk this world for the rest of your days and never find anyone that could ever compare to the soul you know. To you, they are magnificent. Their beauty is magnanimous and their love, pure. Along the way ,you’ve learned the hard way that sometimes when we don’t say the words there and then, we never will, and they’re left to drift away like ashes in the flood, but when you find the right person, there’s no second guessing yourself. You say those words because when they look at you, you believe so deeply and fiercely that standing in front of you is the greatest person you’ve ever known.

To find the right person is not just the smiles, the I love yous, and the kisses; to find the right person is so much more than you can fathom. It’s the last thought of them you think before you close your eyes at night. It’s the first thought you have when you awake into a new day, wishing for them to be closer to you. It’s the 57 texts a day about last night’s episode of your favorite TV show or how your two days were. It’s the last minute dinner plans at a random restaurant downtown. It’s the every comment that lifts you so high when you are feeling your lowest. You’ll know they are the right person when the very thought of their laugh or smile catches you off guard. You think about them in the chaos and in the silence. It doesn’t matter how crazy this world gets, they are still on your mind. In the beginning, you tried to push these daunting feelings of the love you have for them away, only to realize you were fooling yourself. You can’t take the thought of knowing them away from yourself.

Love is no coincidence. It may look like chance, and while every single little moment could be the difference in life, when the right person comes along, it’s because they were meant to. You laugh and joke with your friends about the first night you met, how it was coincidence and a chance in the dark, but the truth is, love is never a coincidence. You met your person because a long time ago, the universe had a plan for two souls to be one. You may not know it now, but they thought of what it would be like to know you for so many days and nights, how you’d hold them in the darkness and kiss them in the morning.

To be loved for who we are is often complicated, but to find the right person is to be understood and loved for everything we do. They will fight for you and won’t try to change you. They will love your imperfections and faults, and admire all of your glories. They will protect you and help you grow while giving you the moon and the stars. Everyone has their right person walking this earth, thinking the exact same thing as you. They may be a stranger or a familiar face on a Friday night, and you’ll know when your world eventually begins to tilt towards theirs. When they fill the silence and calm the chaos and are found in every little thing you do, that’s when it’s right.

One day you will tell yourself that you are totally and completely in love, and that’s because you will be. To find the right person is to be totally, completely, and absolutely in love, and no one will ever change that.

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