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She Is That Person

Little moments shape our lives. Who we love and how we love is often defined by that one look, a smile, a conversation, or just that one person. The lights were hanging low in your old favorite place. It was a midweek night as the jukebox spun the same records and the locals laughed at jokes confined to those four walls. You were thinking of leaving, but deep down you were thinking of staying alone at the end of the bar, hoping for light to appear through the smoke or a sign out of the blue to show you that maybe there is someone and that there always would be. It wasn’t what you’d ever expect it to be—it was a smile in the madness and nothing else, but there needn’t be anymore than that.

When your phone buzzes, you long for one name to appear. You frantically turn it over in anticipation, only to discover random notifications and a news article telling you what to eat and what not to eat. You sigh in vain and go back and forth between your chat—your message reads unread, so you breathe a sigh of relief. You often wonder if she’ll ever know or if she’s sitting there waiting for you to pick up the phone. She’s the queen and you’re the fool—that’s how you see it in your world. Your friends say you’re silly, she’s not out of your league; you laugh and hope to believe that it’s true, but still you think the same thoughts. She’s that person.

You know your days are a little emptier when she’s not in them. The same show you always watch together isn’t half as funny when you watch it alone, without her giggle and smile lighting up the living room. The same meals you eat are a little blander and go cold quicker when you’re not catching her gaze from across the small two-chaired table you both dragged up all those flights of stairs. You tell one another to not count the miles, count the “I love you’s,: but it’s easier said than done when a thousand miles outweighs a thousand “I love you’s.: She tells you not to worry as her voice cracks through the line, and so you don’t because when she says the words, all is fine. She’s that person.

You might not think much of yourself, but she thinks the world of you. She tells her friends how she’s never met anyone like you, how you were the perfect mix of love and hope that stormed her world out of the blue. She may never know the fears you have of not being enough, of losing her, and maybe you’ll never tell her. However, if you ever do, she’ll love you even more, with the warmth of a thousand setting suns. You do everything to be the best you can, but she’ll tell you that you are enough, that love is love, no matter how it comes, because sometimes you just know. She’s that person.

You often wonder why, when you lay down at night, she smiled at you and not anyone else, but like all great things in life, when it’s right, it’s right. As the years flew by, you both stayed the same—together-forever was always set to be the way. So you bought a diamond ring from that place on Third, told her to close her eyes and wait by the stairs, and then you got down on one knee and she said, “I do.” You’re sure you can travel this world and never find a heart as pure as hers. She is all that you see and all that you need, because she is that person. The one that holds you, gets you, and loves you greater than man ever knew.

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