7 Sure Signs You’ve Aced The First Date

He said this, and then, he said that. He looked at me like this, and then, he looked at me like that. He kissed me like this, and then, he kissed me like THAT.

What is it about the first date that has us over-analyzing every diminutive detail? We dig into each word, glance, and gesture like there’s an underlying message just waiting to be surfaced.

However, if you shuffle back to the beginning of your romantic rendezvous, you’ll realize the signs of a successful first date are more apparent than they seem. Let’s rewind and take a look at the signs, starting with the initial, “Hello.”

1. He greets you in a way that involves some form of physical contact.

Yes, this is the first date but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t go in for a hug, or at least, half a hug. His initial embrace will be a clear indication if he’s interested in you, or, if he’s simply interested in getting you back to his place for a fun game of hit it and quit it, post-dinner drinks.

2. He tells you to order, “Whatever you want” and actually means it.

A glass of Chardonnay, the Charcuterie platter, a side of Calamari, the Penne Ala Vodka… Oh, and let’s throw in the Tiramisu. If he’s overly energetic about ordering the entire menu (and paying for it), he’s trying to satisfy you and attempting to prolong your date through a façade of gourmet alcohol-infused drinks and mouth-watering foods. Yes, please.

3. He asks questions.

And not questions like, “What are you doing after this?” Legitimate questions such as, “Where is your family from?” or “What are you interested in?” If he’s utilizing questions to develop in-depth conversations with you, you might as well be getting the final rose on an episode of The Bachelor. Minus the cliché Hollywood setting and Chris Harrison in the background.

4. He maintains eye contact.

Although social media is as pressing as the content in Time Magazine and the girl at the bar’s mini-skirt is embarrassingly see-through, nothing is as important as YOU. #eyesontheprize

5. He makes plans for a second date before the first one even ends.

Let me eliminate your stress of wondering all week if we’re ever going to hang out again and make plans for a second date right now! Says no guy, ever… But still, if he actually makes the effort of planning another date before the first one is even over, roll out the white Cadillac Stretch and pop the champagne because wedding bells are ringing!

6. He kisses you goodbye.

*French kisses.

7. He initiates a follow-up text that same night.

Keyword: same night. There is a constant dispute as to when you should receive the follow-up text. Some believe it should be three days after the first date and others believe it should be one week after the first date. In reality, however, the follow up text should happen that same night. If you receive the follow up text only hours after parting one another, you know for sure, you have in fact, aced the first date. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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