5 Types Of Guys Every Single Girl Meets While Out At The Bar

Nighttime strikes. White jeans are paired with an eclectic red top that compliments bronzed skin. Nylon glitter surrounds the eyes and Chanel’s latest gloss brightens the lips. Hair is softly straightened, curled, and sprayed to hold. Everything looks, perfect.

We all know what it’s like to be single. Whether it’s going to the city’s three-story dance club or going to the local dive bar, we entertain each outing as an opportunity to meet our future husband. Naturally, we dress to impress.

What we fail to realize, however, is that no matter what we wear or how we look, the man of our dreams won’t be the guy who’s grinding on every girl in the club or the guy who’s buying us cheap shots of vodka at the bar. With the high intentions that induce our mind as we venture out for the night, we must realize that while we hope to meet that perfect boyfriend to-be, we are really about to run into some other types of characters. Here are the five types of guys we inevitably meet out…

1. The guy who has a girlfriend but still proceeds to hook up with you.

He’s buying you drinks and you’ve been chatting all night. He has his own apartment, works in banking, AND he’s hot. So, why are you not in a relationship? Oh wait, you are. Thanks for letting me know AFTER we’ve made out.

2. The guy who’s into you but you’re not into him.

You feel like everywhere you turn, he’s there. Outdoor rooftop, there he is. Indoor lounge, there he is, again. Bathroom stall, BAM! By the end of the night, you’re practically Michelle Branch singing a more somber and melodramatic tune of Everywhere. So, why is it that the guys we’re NOT into always seem to be SO into us?

3. The bartender.

Don’t be deceived by the free drinks of gin and tonic that he’s serving up, or the free shots of tequila that he’s voluntarily taking with you. Yes, the bartender may be significantly stunning but those free drinks are a tantalizing tactic to lure you in for one night. Instead, pay your bill, avoid the temptation of writing your number down on the receipt, and proceed AWAY from the bar.

4. The guy who looks better as the night goes on.

This happens to the best of us. After a few too many vodka sodas, you fool yourself into believing you’ve met Ryan Gosling on the dance floor. The next morning, you check his Instagram profile and wonder what in the world you were thinking.

5. The guy who never follows through.

You meet a guy who you believe is the unconditional definition of bliss. You swap stories, exchange numbers, and he says all the right things. “Let’s go on a date tomorrow, I’ll pick you up at seven and we’ll spend the whole night together.” The next night comes and you find yourself watching rom-coms in bed with a pie of Papa John’s pizza and zero text messages. #Cool. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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