Will He Still Love You Tomorrow?

Flickr / Lauren Hammond
Flickr / Lauren Hammond

It’s 9pm on a Saturday night. The candles flicker, casting an array of shadows on the white clothed dining table, which is embellished by roses and the city’s finest cuisine.

You look into each other’s eyes. He smiles. Naturally, you smile back. As he takes your hand from across the table, you think about the night, your time together, and about how perfect he makes you feel. You think about how you want this to continue and about how you wish you could feel the security of knowing that this would happen every Saturday night.

You wonder – “Will you still love me tomorrow?”

No one said it better than The Shirelles in the 1960s with their hit single, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. It was a question that women asked during the 1960s in regards to dating and it is certainly a question that women continue to ask in the modern-day dating world.

It is plain and simple – when you go out on a fantastic date with a guy, you want to know right then and there what exactly he is thinking. Is he into me? What is he looking for? But most of all – Will this continue?

You want to know if he will be there for you tomorrow, next week, and the week after that.

You want to know that the brunch date where he holds your hand and tells you how beautiful you are isn’t a lie, and that the weekend-long ski trip where he kisses you on the forehead isn’t just a game of charades.

You want to know if he will still love you tomorrow the way he loves you today.

Why is it that men so often fear commitment? After all, they put in the effort of “acting” like they are your boyfriend for one night – paying for every meal, holding hands, taking pictures together… Why waste going through the motions for one night and not the next?

In our world today, men have a variety of options that they often fear settling too soon for just one person. The multiple forms of social media and technology skew the what-use-to-be simple, black and white dating world and allow men to be in touch with an assortment of women on a daily basis.

Women, on the other hand, thrive for commitment. They want the date to turn into a relationship and then for the relationship to turn into a marriage. Ideally, a woman wants to find a man who will love her one night and then every night after that.

It is often difficult and exhausting to find a guy who will reciprocate the same type of commitment, dedication, and love back that we tend to feel hopeless that we may never find someone who is right.

The important thing to remember is – in our lifetime; we will eventually meet the person who we are supposed to spend the rest of our life with. Whether we are 15, 30, or 85, that person will come along and most probably when we least expect it.

We must maintain the hope that when we do meet the right person, the question – “Will you still love me tomorrow?” will no longer be a question. Instead, it will just be known. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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