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Life Is What Happens In The Space Between

Have you ever experienced the space between?

Perhaps the space between your first love and your first heartbreak, or the space between graduating college and landing your dream job. Maybe the space between your 18th and 21st birthday, or the space between being a teenager and becoming an adult. The space between knowing exactly what you want and waking up one morning and not knowing anything at all. The space between a situationship and a relationship.

The space between. The unknown.The forgettable. These are the moments we tend to miss.

We think that life is defined by the big moments and that everything else that happens in between is somehow irrelevant. We think that big moments can somehow justify where we currently are in life, as if they are the only moments that actually matter. But the thing is, those little moments that happen in the space between the big moments are the most important moments of all. I want to know what happened in between you falling in love and having your heart broken. I want to know how you changed and grew as a person in between the ages of 18 and 21. I want to know how you went from crying yourself to sleep to waking up with a smile. I want to know how that guy you had been sleeping with for months finally committed to a serious relationship.

Because they are the beautiful moments.

It’s like the moments that occur in the space between a sun setting and a clear night sky. The moments that occur in the space between a storm and a sparkling rainbow. The moments that occur in the space between starting a puzzle and finding the final missing piece. In a way, life is like a puzzle—every little thing that happens in between is slowly filling the spaces between the beginning and the end. Everything that happens in between is slowly allowing you to complete the puzzle, piece by piece.

We never share what happens in the time between, though, because we think it’s insignificant. But in fact, it is during this time that we endure hardships, overcome pain, change our minds, express our deepest emotions, have meaningful conversations with strangers, lose touch with old friends, and make new ones. It is during this time that we are watching our children grow up and watching our parents grow old.

It is during this time that life is happening.

Life is happening in the space between.

Learning to appreciate the beauty in things I do not yet understand

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