Don’t Date A Guy Who Travels, He’s Not A Great Catch

Riccardo Bresciani

Don’t date a guy who travels, he’s not a great catch. If you think a guy who’s been everywhere is cool, then you are wrong. He travels for some reason. This travel junkie has lost people that meant the world to him and he is still doing fine. He no longer can afford to lose someone. For him, family and true friends will always be there but a girlfriend won’t. He can’t give you his heart fully as it belongs to the people. Sure this guy is worth it but there are a lot of great guys out there who are more readily available than this one.

He is the one you always see chilling at the beach, wearing the same short for a week and everything he owns fits into his backpack. Sun-tanned, carefree and always on the go as best described. He has found comfort as he wanders the world.

He vows to never get a 9 to 5 job in an office ever. Don’t date him, he will never climb the corporate ladder to make six figures. If he does, he’ll magically pull some travel-related position out of his ass or something. He considers himself an adventurer but people would consider him a hipster. He doesn’t care enough of his career. You’ll never understand him. He’s too busy planning for his next trip. Sure he lives his life the best way he knew how.

Swipe left on Tinder if you find a guy who travels. He doesn’t care about his mobile phone. He’ll not be responsive in your morning texts and love quotes. He will forget to message you when he arrives at a new destination.

You’ll often misinterpret him leading to arguments over text that usually weren’t a problem. He’s a real hater of the selfie fad. He’d rather use his photographic memory than taking pictures and share to social media. Don’t get him wrong ladies, there’s nothing wrong taking a casual photo of you but don’t overdo it.

He is cheap. He won’t pay for your gourmet meals on a date as well as he doesn’t want you to pay for his. He enjoys exotic street foods and a beer. Everything has to be on a budget.  The expensive makeup and fragrance you wear are worth a month of accommodation in the paradise of Southeast Asia.  Let’s say, he will not buy a headset for a long bus ride because what’s important for him is to arrive in the destination. He’d rather spend money on experiences than things.

Ladies, if you are clingy don’t date a guy who travels. You’ll get tired of him saying goodbye. He comes home for a week or two then embark on a new trip again. He can’t be with you in one place for a longer time. You can’t stop him from moving, the road is his playground. Remember, lots of couples break up because of long distance relationship. Will this kind of relationship last for you?

A guy who travels cares more about a passport stamp than celebrating a monthsary on a floating restaurant. You are not a priority. He will not stop telling you stories about his trips, discoveries, strange cultures and experiences all over the globe that will make you fall more in love with him. Eventually, your heart will break when he bids goodbye and seeing him again is just an anticipation.

Don’t date a guy who travels. For him, there’s no such thing as lazy weekend. He won’t take you to a movie date. He is booked for an adventure. He will wake you up at the crack of dawn to catch the perfect sunrise while sitting next to you. The waves are calling him. The mountains are waiting for him. A noise of a bird chirping is music to his ear.

Don’t date a guy who travels. He is numb. He doesn’t want to get attached anymore to anyone.

He knows that being on the road you’ll able to meet friends who come and go. Though, meeting like-minded people gives him great time they also make the worst by just saying another goodbye.

So you’d love to have one for longer, but he is always on the move? By all means, go for it. Accept all his qualities as blessings not flaws. You’ll love him even more. It might be difficult in the beginning, but trust me dating a guy who loves to travel is guaranteed to be the best roller coaster ride of your life. The truth is, he doesn’t want to travel forever. He invests in what he loves until he is ready to paint a picture with someone to be his breathing partner. Understand and respect the guy who travels. Just hold on, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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