23 Powerful Reminders Every Girl Who Loves ‘Too Much’ Needs To Hear Right Now


1. “Your love should never feel like a bribe to return what someone should be giving to you freely.”

2. “I am still growing out of your childish habits, I am growing out of the desire to raise you into a man worthy of my love.”

3. “Being able to love someone so wholly is a gift, not all gifts need be returned. Sometimes there is beauty in simply giving”

4. “I didn’t like the story so I changed the ending and wrote myself back to life.”

5. “I love him, I will always love him, but I have to believe, that I deserve someone who loves me back.”

6. “Healing is part of our design, we are meant to break, we are meant to rebuild ourselves.”

7. “I would give anything to know what it is to attach yourself to people that don’t intend to tear you from their sides.”

8. “Forgive them. Forgive the situation. Forgive yourself. It begins and ends with forgiveness.”

9. “A lover should arouse both your weakness and your strength: someone who teaches you to kneel, then stand back up.”

10. “Leave. Stay gone. Let my wounds scab over, let my heart repair.”

11. “Every love you encounter will teach you something new about yourself.”

12. “I knew the ending from the start but held out so I could live the beauty of the rest of the story.”

13. “I am divorced from the idea that true love is a one-time thing. I am my own soulmate. The love I offer replenishes itself daily. I am capable of finding true love again and again because it lives in me first.”

14. “There is too much wildness in me for me to exist in a love that is tame.”

15. “Love yourself so fiercely that he knows exactly what you expect from him.”

16. “I am still learning how to walk away from something without dragging my feet.”

17. “You are always loveable when you are kind.”

18. “Your body deserves more than to be ground zero for hate.”

19. “I stood him up on my shoulders, he brought me down to my knees.”

20. “Forget ‘old souls’ — I’m ancient.”

21. “Accepting that it broke you is how you begin to piece yourself back together again.”

22. “I remind myself daily that there was nothing more I could have done, no more love I could have given, to make him stay. When every instinct told me to run, my love for him made anchors out of my feet. And now he’s sinking for someone else.”

23. “I can’t imagine what it must feel like to lose someone who loved you as purely, as deeply, as wildly, as I loved you.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

These words were originally published on Reyhan Vega’s Tumblr.

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