Home Will Always Be With You

Home Will Always Be With You
Alvin Mahmudov

I once read a quote saying “You can’t make homes out of humans,” but the moment my soul found yours, I knew deep down none of those words are ever true.

Having you wrapped around me is like coming home for the first time, each and every time. Calm, blissful, a perfect euphoria. I’ve never been comfortable around anyone else, as they were never familiar as yours.

In an instant glance at you, my heart pounds a little more. Yet, this is not simply a heartbeat, but also a music of joy my heart plays each time I lay my eyes on you.

Your hands are the perfect solace. Sending me a sense of relief each time it is entwined with yours.

You gave me a feeling I know I’ll never be able to experience with anyone else, because none of them really came close as you.

And no matter how much I explore the world with someone else by my side, those moments will be considered vacations, because even if I spend a lifetime with them, my heart and soul only knows one home. It is, and always will be you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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