A Definitive Ranking Of Group Exercises At The Gym

So, you got a gym membership, now what? Many people lack the courage to make use of the many group exercise classes their local gym provides – I was one of them. After having my gym membership for about 3 years, I finally decided to give each class a shot. Sure, it may be a little nerve wracking stepping into a room full of people who look like they know what they’re doing, but they too, had to start from somewhere.


7. Step Aerobics

Okay, I’m not exactly sure who’s idea it was to incorporate the use of an elevated platform and redundant jumping together, but, whoever it was, they certainly were not being considerate of all the uncoordinated people out there (yes, I am referring to myself). Heavily relying on the aerobic craze from the 60’s and 70’s, step class is not all that exciting. If you think keeping your eyes on both your feet and class instructor at the same time is fun, then step is the class for you!

6. Spin Class

Tolerable at best. If you’re a little on the clumsy and/or uncoordinated side, spin just may be the class for you. Sure, you’re not technically forced to interact with anyone or put into an atmosphere where you’re highly likely to find yourself accidently tripping over someone’s foot. The downfall? You’re probably going to face a severe amount of pain when sitting down, lasting anywhere from the next 2-3 days. Ouch.

5. Weight Training

Again, the thought of being in a room full of 30 other people doing a series of repetitive weight training reps for an hour, doesn’t really seem too appealing to me. Weight training is one of those things that is best enjoyed alone or with your favourite gym buddy who’s able to spot you.

4. Zumba

Remember all of that buzz surrounding Zumba? Yeah, it’s okay, I didn’t partake in it either. But don’t get me wrong, Zumba is pretty cool, provided you can let yourself go and have fun. Sure, you may not have been blessed with the Latin inspired dancing genes, but neither have the other 20 people in the class (besides the serious go hard, who always takes the spot near the front – it’s okay, we didn’t want it to begin with). Zumba doesn’t necessarily feel like a workout, which makes it unique and distinguishes itself from many typical exercise classes.

3. Kickboxing

Kickboxing. Even just saying it makes you feel like a badass. Kickboxing is an awesome way to incorporate both cardiovascular and strength training into a group exercise class. It’s fun, has a relatively short class duration and the best part? The next time someone cuts you off while in line at the grocery store, you can totally challenge them to a kickboxing duel.

2. Yoga

Aside from the occasional gas the 40-something year old next to you may pass, yoga is pretty easy going and perfect for the novice gym member to the dedicated gym rat. Check out your local gym, as they most likely offer a variety of yoga classes, ranging from beginner to advanced classes.

1. HIIT Training

An abbreviation for high intensity interval training, this class is sure to leave you sweating and feeling good in no time. HIIT training involves alternating between short bursts of intense, heart-pumping exercises and slow recovery periods. What makes this type of class so great, is that you don’t have to invest a lot of your time completing it, as they typically only last for 30 minutes. Don’t worry if you look like a fool doing those mountain climbers, because let me tell you, the person next to you is definitely making the exact, same, ridiculous face. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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