Hey Little Girl, I’m Proud Of You

Andrew Branch
Andrew Branch

Hey little girl. You look so peaceful, sitting in the middle of the floor with your toys all around you. You look so happy, running and rolling around in the backyard, without a care in the world. I wish you could stay there for longer, although not forever.

I wish you could keep your innocence, your simple happiness, your ability to just be.

Hey little girl. I need to tell you something. Life’s not always going to be like this. At some point everything will change, and toys and backyards won’t be enough. You’ll face new things that you probably didn’t even know existed, and you may find yourself thinking you can’t go on anymore.

Hey little girl. Want to know something else? You’re strong. Despite what you feel and what others may tell you, you are capable of incredible strength. The impossible can’t touch you because you can do so much, and there isn’t anything that you can’t do if you set your heart and mind to it.

Hey little girl. Don’t be afraid. The world will get scary, and it will hurt you. But I’ve already told you you’re strong, and always remember that I am here. When the thunder roars and the darkness scares you, I will protect you.

And when you feel like you aren’t strong enough, I’ll be here to remind you that you are, and give you the encouragement that you need.

Hey little girl. I’m proud of you. And I will be proud of everything you do.

I admire the strength you have in your tiny little hands, and I know that you will do great things. I’m proud of your stumbles because you got back up, and I am proud of your successes because I know that you worked hard to get there. I love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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