When Your Parents Disapprove Of Your Chosen Career Path

It’s hard. It’s hard to wake up each day with the nagging from either your mom or your dad, telling you that you have chosen the wrong path. It hurts to hear the words, “That is not right for you,” from the very people you expect support from. It breaks your heart to have big dreams and ambitions, only to be shattered by your family members, themselves, as they tell you that you should have chosen something else, something that would benefit you and them.

No matter how much you try explaining why you have chosen that field, all your words are futile. No matter how much efforts you have exerted for those particular accomplishments you had, they won’t simply appreciate. Everything is done in vain. And even if other people applaud you for your rewards, from all the hard work that has paid off, it’s just nothing for the people you really care about. You know deep within you that regardless of how many medals you bring home, you please no one, only to end up asking yourself why you still continue doing things.

It’s hard to build up all your goals, with the desire of sharing them with the people you love, but they don’t just care. It’s hard to dream of every achievement to serve as something for them to be proud of, but it wouldn’t just matter. But you know within yourself that what they want for you is not what you want for yourself. You understand that they are only thinking what is best for you, but what they think it is, is not really what is best for you. You live separate lives. It is not even a question of morality. It is just a simple preference of a college degree and future job, but it breaks every strong relationship you have formed with them. They do not understand that the more they insist that you should choose what offers a better salary, it hinders your growth, because for you, money is not everything. Money is not all that matters. But for them, it is.

Sometimes, it is hard not to come up with the inquiry if parents just rear up children for the sake of earning more in the future. Yes, you are an investment. We are all investment. But is investment limited to monetary purposes? Aren’t there many more aspects to consider, not only the financial spot?

It is true that money makes the world go round. It is true that money is a very vital tool to survive our daily lives. It is true that regardless where we go, money should and always will be a part of us. But it’s totally wrong to teach our children to just go for money, to choose a field where money is abundant, and worse, to choose a partner who can offer you riches and wealth.

It’s hard because they turn deaf ears to you. They are blind and do not see your every tear, as you try to make them comprehend that you are not being illogical—that you understand how finance is important, but their chosen field for you is not where you want to earn from. It makes you lose heart because you know you can never please them. But at the end of the day, it is you who will be working and not them—and that again is something they never fully understood. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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