Loving Someone From A Distance

Unsplash / Sonja Langford
Unsplash / Sonja Langford

Maybe you can be together, as situation permits it. But you just cannot take it anymore. The pain it causes you is more than what you can bear. However, you choose to be a martyr — someone who would rather hear the harsh words, feel being beaten, but closes your lips to any cry you could produce.

Maybe you cannot just be together. He or she has broken the bond you’ve formed long ago. After those times you’ve spent together, nothing good ever happened in the end. He or she has let go, and for that reason that you also have to.

But thinking about it, should you really stop loving? Should you really close that special door in your heart you’ve opened for that person you’ve always wanted to spend the rest of your life with? Is it worth it, to fight for your love until the end? Or should you just give up?

There’s a part of you which says you must not quit. That everything is going to work out in the end. You just have to give your best, and it will happen. Your mind is so clouded with your emotions. You see the answers very clear but you just cannot accept the reality. It is over. You may really stay, even if you feel abused or threatened. But on the other hand, you may also walk away.

You always have the choice for such situation. Is it happiness for you to be serving someone who does not see your worth? Someone who despite all your efforts would just burden you with wounds and scars which are just hard to fade in time? Or do you think it would be alright to finally create that space, when you could just say you are loving someone from a distance?

It is not easy, but sometimes, it’s all you’ve got to do. You save yourself from further pain, but because you love the person so much, you just leave a thin thread which would connect you to each other. You are still there when needed. You can always be on call. You have finally introduced yourself as a friend who can be counted all the time.

You don’t have to cut everything, even if he or she already did. You just have to know where to place yourself. Not in front, not behind, not by his or her side — but afar. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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