To the One Who Made Me Lose Myself And Let Me Find It Again

Rocksana Rocksana
Rocksana Rocksana

Love, as they always say, is the greatest feeling one can ever have. Well, I cannot argue with that, and I will not dare to. Because I have felt it, too. So much that I made myself believe in FOREVER with you. But then again, nothing really lasts forever. Even love.

When I decided to fall completely in love with you, I knew the journey will never be easy. Yes, I knew it from the very start. Given the fact that you were the person that you were… and still is. As you had always say: “You knew I am like this from Day One, so do not try to change my ways… and the person that I am”. So, I stayed. Because I loved you. Because I believed in miracles, and I still do. And why not?

You have given me the greatest blessing any woman can have in her lifetime… you made me a MOM. And I will forever be grateful to you for that, please keep that in mind.

Now, as I finally close the chapter of my life where the plot of the story was all about you, I want you to know that I am thankful for all the times that we were together. Those years never run smoothly. For me. For you. For us. And I prayed hard that He do something so things will fall according to His will. And so, He did. At least that is what I believe. Going away from you made me realize how much of the “ME” part was lost when I was trying to save “US”. The jolly and happy me left me for a while. I forgot I had friends. I forgot I had my family. I forgot I had a delightful little munchkin. I only knew you. Yes, it was all about you. But those are all under the bridge now. I am okay now. I have not forgotten you yet, and I never will.

But please understand that I have already moved on… that I have already found myself… and that I am trying to make that “ME” whole again. So, please, let me.

And as you watch me walk away from you, do not ever forget that I loved you once, and I always will. And that no matter how long it will be, who will I meet and wherever life takes me, you will always have special place in my heart. Thank you for everything. I wish you well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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