Let Only Me Love You

A man and woman cuddling together in bed.
Becca Tapert / Unsplash

When you love yourself a little less than yesterday, let me love you.

Let me be the first person to thank you for your existence. A lot of people who look up to you might tell you often how much they appreciate you and what you do for them, but let me be the first to be grateful to the universe for just making YOU happen. My life had been good until I allowed chance to make it better by having you in it. You are the spark behind my glow, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. So, starting today, let me love you.

When you get too tired from inspiring people take one step closer to their dreams, allow me to be the arms to embrace you when you get home. Share the weight with me. Tell me everything that happened and all there is to come. Bring your thoughts to where I am so we can talk about them until they no longer matter. Allow me to run my hands along your shoulders down to your spine if that makes you feel better. This time, let me love you.

As the rainy days come, which isn’t exactly what you want, let me comfort you and your freezing hands. Pull me close, hold me closer and stay closest to me and forget the sheets. We can stay in bed for as long as you wish or we can leave it undone to make your favorite meal. Whatever you want is what we’re gonna do, and I’m telling you, you should let me love you.

You don’t have to deal with your busiest days on your own. I can lend a hand for the simplest errand or the most complex task if that means I get to be with you most of the time. Allow me to be a part of not just the good times, but also the hard times, and let me love you.

On days you want to have fun and do the things you actually enjoy, allow me to be your companion. I want to be the person to see you smile up close and be the one to also capture it in photos. If you want to try something new just for the sake of it, I will wholeheartedly do it with you. Let me hear you laugh at the silliest jokes and the most hilarious banters. Your happiness becomes my happiness, so let me love you.

Take me to cities you want to explore. Show me those familiar streets you once enjoyed. Bring me to the most intimate places and make new memories with me. I can be with you wherever you’d like me to. Let us witness the sights we only see in pictures first hand. Make me never want to come back home. For you are the home I have been wishing for my whole life.

Let me love you through whatever, with everything I have. Allow me to love you despite all the things I lack. Let me give you all of me, for I have been saving myself for this kind of love.

Let ONLY me love you.

And, let me love ONLY you. TC mark


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