To The Friendships That Survive Long Distance

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As every midnight turned into a fresh day, I asked myself that how would I be able to live with you being so far away from me. All those moments of laughter at immature jokes and teasing each other and going to places together are some of the very few things that I miss.

But as every other topic on long distance friendship goes “this distance only made our friendship stronger”, I cannot stop myself from saying it. Amidst the time differences and the stars in the sky that come between us and all the roads and the currents of the waves, our friendship is the strongest element to withstand anything that comes in the way.

During the last few years, when our meetings only happened during our summer and winter breaks, every moment became ethereal. I realized how grateful I am for such friends; who always message me when it is 3 AM there just because it is 10 AM here, who always make time for each other with all the copious amount of assignments and other work that we have, who always make time in their busy schedule to make skype call sessions, all filled with laughing at the same jokes that made us friends in the first place and all the gossip that makes me feel like we are in the same place and we are going to the same college.

Distance and time difference seems so petty in comparison with everything that holds us together.

And when we are in these moments, making memories that we can reminisce together about in the coming years I forget to thank you. Thank you for erasing all the negatives in my life. And on days when I question my own existence, thank you for reminding me that my soul among all the seven billion others matter.

Thank you for putting up with all my outbursts of random hysteria. Thank you for all the little updates that you give me about your lives that makes me feel like I’m living right next to you and traveling with you. Thank you for just listening to me when I need it.

Thank you for all those conversations that we have about all the people back in school that we met and the ones who stayed and the ones who left. Thank you for always replying to my messages first thing in the morning when you wake up, even when you have a million other things to do. Thank you for giving helping me see the world with fresh perspectives. Thank you making all the plans with me about where we should go and what we should during the break. Thank you for ranting to me about your problems, letting me know that you trust me. Thank you for making me feel proud of every little accomplishment that I make.

Thank you for respecting my thoughts and my opinions when they were different from yours. Thank you for the all the little gifts you give me every time we meet and for continuing our ritual on the matching friendship bands. Thank you for all the “take your time and reply” messages.

Thank you for preventing me from making any rash decisions. Thank you for remembering all the little things about me and reminding me of them and making me laugh. Thank you for the infinite list of inside jokes that we made and will make.

And lastly I’m thankful to God, to fate and to any other power to make me feel blessed with a friend like you.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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