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This Is Your Time To Grow

But this is your time to grow; to live and learn from your mistakes, to discover what makes your soul light and free, to work towards achieving your wildest dreams.

I Wrote You On Your Birthday

Your birthday just passed and I wanted to write. I even started to, but then I stopped. Because although it felt like it in the beginning, life didn’t actually stop when you left, it went on.

When You Left

You went as quickly as you came, except your exit was like a crash: hard, fast, and violent. The pieces of glass scattered around me and I saw the truth reflected in the shards at my feet.

A Young Writer’s Diary Entries From Early August, 1984

I took the 96th Street bus to see her, and we did laundry and brought in Sichuan food and had a good talk. Then, in her bedroom, we fooled around. It was great but also sad because I may not see her for a long time. After all these years, I still love Ronna and am just as attracted to her as when we started dating back in college.

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