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Can You Pass This Pop Quiz On Irony?

When someone’s anecdote begins, “It was so ironic…,” I wince; because what follows is almost never “ironic,” but instead more accurately categorized as “vaguely remarkable” or at best, “coincidental.”

Do You Even See Me?

With you, it often feels like those dreams where you want to say something — want to scream, want to get a point across, want to be heard — and your open mouth refuses to make a sound.

15 Signs You Have An Abusive Friend

They make fun of your clothing choices. Like, you get dressed, meet up with them and they say, “Oh man, is that what you’re wearing?” Yes. Because I am out of the house and outside this bar with you. So yeah, it’s what I’m wearing. Thanks for the self-consciousness.

I Liveblogged A Murder Mission In ‘Skyrim’

Where I saved last night I find myself standing on a platform and the wind is blowing all muffled sometimes as if onto a microphone and there is music like you are about to go on a horse ride to somewhere you’ve never been with someone you sort of like.

Living in Manhattan in 2013

Everything — housing, food, drinks, activities — is more expensive. Places are harder to get tables at, harder to get into. Lines are longer. But isn’t that part of the thrill? That this love is never totally requited?

The Different Types Of Love There Are

There are people whose love pours out in complicated, profound words. They could fill books on the way their partner looks when they just wake up, or how much they love spending time with their best friend.

The Ultimate First World Problem

People living in destitution, in utter squalor, people whom we expect to be assuredly and unequivocally miserable; succeed in being far happier than we supposedly civilized people ever do.

7 Forgotten Atari Games

Now that children born when the N64 came out are getting their driver’s licenses, it may come as no shock that Atari, the venerable creator of Pong and the Atari 2600, has filed for bankruptcy.

When You Loved Me

There is something more difficult in losing the partner than losing the lover. You can almost accept that the sex, the kissing, the spooning, the whispered conversations at 3 AM are all over.

Advice For People Who Want To Quit Their Jobs

Watching exactly where your money goes month in and month out will help you curb any behaviors that you may not have even noticed (yeah, you didn’t really need to buy a croissant with your coffee twice this week… you also didn’t need to buy coffee when your roommate has a coffee maker at home).

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