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I Married My Cat

Marriage was the only real relationship model performed by the adults that filled my life. The lesson? Marriage was the glue that held individuals and families together.

Trading The Roads For The Mountains

I decided to remove myself from flat concrete and tarmac and show my body real challenge, real pain, not the pain of running dull, flat miles down polluted, crowded streets fractured by traffic lights. And suddenly I got somewhere.

How To Stare At A Brick Wall

Approximately eighty percent of buildings in New York City are brick, or brick masonry. This building, the one that we are in — where we are sitting on your bed and I am looking out the window — is not very far from where the Manhattan Brick Works was founded in 1863.

The Drug Bust

I spent the early morning handcuffed on the floor. Then I was handcuffed in the chair. Then eventually you did one of the only things you had ever done right by me. You let them know that I had zero part in the drug deals.

22 Signs You’re Dating Your Laptop

2. Even if you’re not looking at inappropriate content, when a nosey person comes up behind you and stares at your screen, you get defensive. It feels a lot like if someone walked in the bathroom and watched your boyfriend/girlfriend get dressed.

Why Do People Still Get Married?

We are all currently seeing countless friends and acquaintances announce, with a strange, almost demanding kind of fervor, that they are getting married. They post photos of rings and statuses of how happy they are, and accrue “likes” and comments from friends and people who aren’t remotely close enough to be invited to the ceremony.

A Course In You

I learned your stubble by observing how tired you looked…less hours meant more shadow and I liked it that way, dark but inviting.

Some Of The Characters Who Work Out At My Gym

I work out almost every day at a small gym shared by homeowners at a loft complex where I live in downtown Atlanta. At any given time there are anywhere between zero and seven people in there using the free weights or the cardio equipment.

Goodbye To A Friend

In the early hours of Saturday morning, after nearly seven years, three operating systems and two trackpad replacements, my 13-inch MacBook succumbed to what I can only assume was a combination of old age and complications related to a 2009 incident with Lemon-Lime Gatorade.

When I See You

I have to take you in out of the corner of my eyes. If I can’t meet you head-on, it’s because it is all too much for me, all at once.

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