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Call Me Maybe Never Works

The scientific law about giving people your number, however, is that (A) they will always have a girlfriend, (B) they will not call you, and (C) you will see them everywhere – apparating casually onto sidewalks, reading the newspaper on the bus and in every grocery store aisle buying cereal, even if it isn’t a cereal aisle.

Stop Telling Me To Travel In My 20s

People compile sky-high lists about the benefits of travelling, and many of them are true. New experiences. Different perspectives. You should GET OUT WHILE YOU’RE YOUNG, they’ll tell you. GO FIGURE OUT WHO YOU ARE.

7 Flaws I Like In A Woman

I feel more and more that our culture is conditioning us to expect, no — demand a perfect romantic or sexual partner for ourselves. It’s easy to forget that finding someone you truly want to be with isn’t a matter finding someone who is perfect or flawless, but finding someone who you actually grow to love their flaws.

7 Creepy Things That Everybody Does

Oh, yeah, of course I know that you were at that party I wasn’t invited to last weekend… I spent a full 45 minutes looking at the pictures one by one as they appeared on my news feed, becoming increasingly indignant and self-conscious as the clock ticked by.

You Are Perfect To Someone

And even more tragically, all of the things that we are able to appreciate about the lives of others, because we might not have them ourselves, are the things that are most easy to take for granted.

Lose Your Illusion

Apparently we did not fear–or somehow failed to recognize–the profound damage that his theories could do to our peculiar form of government and culture.

3 Video Games That Feel Horribly Like Life

Something strange happened. I played through the first two hours feeling like I had not made a single good decision. I told my wife, semi-jokingly saying, “This game feels like life.” Aviva defaults into a sturdy hatred for all games, no matter their configuration, but my reaction intrigued her. As I progressed through the dystopic Georgian nightmare, Aviva watched. She was drawn in. The game transcended its gameness for both of us.

A Tale Of Three Tinders

Kevin looks almost nothing like the photo he sent me; I did not recognize him. He has the mannerisms of Mark Zuckerberg circa the mogul’s portrayal in The Social Network. Worse still, he is actually a high school senior.


I ended up “developing” early, or so it seemed. When you’re a fat kid, people always think you’re developing boobs, even if you’re a boy.

Dear Old Friend

The decision to leave a home can take years to make. In expensive cities, a decent apartment can feel like a foothold on a cliff; losing it might send you plummeting. Rocks, seaweed, a broken body. Fish will feed on you.

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