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Syrian Gas and Mirrors

Eleven years ago we got the Weapons of Mass Destruction scare. As a result, we invaded Iraq, needlessly, and thousands of Americans died fighting a war that no one but they and their families had to pay for on a daily basis. Taxes went down, not up. No one had to pay anything. The worst part is that it was all built on scare tactics that Republicans and Democrats alike went right along with. Now I see we’re replaying that film.

A Girl Who Writes

Find a girl with a vocabulary. Find a girl that knows metaphor. Find a girl that tells you what you want to hear in a way you’ve never heard it before.

The Magic Of Introverts

My first encounter with introverts was at the age of 14. Sure, I may have encountered them before but was probably too caught up in my world to notice them.


Do you remember the first time we kissed? I do, we were in your faded Volvo and you still had braces on your upper teeth.

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