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Why Do People Hate Their Jobs?

Your spouse is tired of hearing about your job after six months. And you couldn’t care less about hers. Ten years later you wake up next to a total stranger. 40 years later you die next to one.

How To Never Grow Up

It’s so easy to trick people these days. It’s easier than ever. And you know what? People want to be tricked. They prefer it that way. Because if we really presented our lives accurately on the Internet, it would be so, so, so depressing. No one would ever go online again.

10 Reasons To Be In Love With Boston

Like many others, I spent four of my most formative and drunken years in a deeply involved love affair with Boston. In the wake of Monday’s tragedy, I’d like to present you with 10 reasons to appreciate the city that I never really left.

9 Spring Cleaning Hacks To Make Your Apartment Livable Again

Locate the problem areas — a corner table that’s had the same stuff on it for a year, that you keep telling yourself you need, but never actually use? Old books that take up space, that you never lend out, and that you know you’ll never read again? Video games you no longer play anymore? Clothes that just don’t fit right? These are your clutter-problem areas.

Me And Alanis Morissette

Admittedly, this morning I reached such a loneliness low that I may or may not have parked myself in front of my Jambox and attempted to force a conversation out of Alanis Morissette’s 1995 multiplatinum-selling album Jagged Little Pill.

The Pro-Death Movement

I have news for both sides. Guns and abortions are both only meant to kill. That’s a statement of fact, not a value judgment.

The Pain Of My Pain

I have a story I need to tell. It’s a hard start considering I haven’t flexed my creative muscle in a while, but more than that, it is a hard story to tell.

The 10 Decisions That Change Your Life

There are a thousand different reasons people get (and stay) together and some of them can be the farthest thing from love. If this is your truth, change it. Go love who you actually love. If you don’t know who that is yet, keep living, they will come.

The 10 Commandments Of The American Religion

But if I stood there and said, “going to college is the worst sin you can force your kids to commit”, or “you should never vote again” or “World War II was not a holy war” or “never own a home again”, I would probably be lynched on the spot.

Having Sex To Music Is Weird

The second thing that happens when music is playing in a sexy scenario is that your movements sync to the beat, which is just as troubling as confronting lyrics and emotional illusions.

7 Dumbest Things People Buy

Once again, Corporate America tries to sell us on the notion you need a specific item to fulfill a given function when you can use practically anything soft to substitute for a pillow: a pile of grocery bags, pumpkin guts, leaves, even your own arm.

When You’re In An Empty Bed

But sometimes the silence is overwhelming. You prop your laptop against a neighboring pillow and it takes up the space that someone else might — a space that might even be empty, if you could stand it.

Is College A Scam?

The system is broken, the middle class is disappearing, being carved through the middle by a trillion dollars in student loan debt, and everyone is still raising tuition faster than inflation.

Kill Me With Kindness

Decimate my meatscape. Drown me in your honeyed voice. Drown me in a tub full of candy. Pour some high fructose corn syrup on me. Smother me with your heavenly body weight.

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