Why It’s Important To Make The One You Love Feel Important

image - Flickr / lauren rushing
image – Flickr / lauren rushing

Every relationship is different.

People’s needs and wants in a relationship are very different.

One thing that stays constant is that you want to feel important to that person.

You want to feel like you truly matter to them.

A lot of people take this factor for granted.

They think that if they’re with that person it’s assumed that they are important to them.

Which is true, yes, but that’s not always enough.

I’m not saying get on your knees and kiss their feet, but little things that remind them.

Getting that text every night asking how your day was, or that they miss or love you.

That shit feels nice.

And lets you know they’re thinking about you.

Who wouldn’t want to feel that regularly?

When your significant other asks you out on a date or brings your favorite treat home for you.

It makes you feel like you make them happy and they want you to be happy, too.

In turn, you become happier as well and want to make them feel important.

As mushy as it sounds, it’s a fucking love circle.

It’s one thing to know that someone is important to you but it’s a whole other ballgame to show it.

I think that’s one of the reasons relationships wear and tear.

Because no one thinks they need to show the person they love that they’re important to them.

It’s just always understood and put to the side.

Well, fuck that.

If you love someone, go show them!

Life is short and way overrated.

You’ll enjoy life a lot more if you do, I can guarantee it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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