When Silence Speaks Louder Than Words

“Speech is of time, silence is of eternity”. – Thomas Carlyle, Sartor Resartus

There is a reason why we are asked to ‘take a moment of silence’ in the midst of a tragic event. Although it is often heard in the mourning of a person as a sign of respect; it is a time of silent deliberation, prayer and reflection.

1. Reflection

Even though you’re a self-proclaimed extrovert, there are times when you need to be alone to figure things out. To reflect on your day and to know if the decisions you made were the right or wrong ones. Because of this, it enabled me to make the right decisions, often not just for myself, but also for others. It has prevented me from a common mistake – spur of the moment decisions. Choosing to be silent doesn’t make you any less of an extrovert or more of an introvert, it is a needed period for anyone and everyone.

2. Love yourself (Introspection)

Being in silence allows you to learn and love yourself even more. To understand the beautiful person you are and to make a mental note of your personal dos & don’ts, like & dislikes and wants & needs.

3. The loss of power

It is always nice to be able to speak your heart out, but there’s a powerful essence to silence. For instance, during an argument by staying silent and listening you can gather your thoughts and composure to be able to handle the situation more adequately. Sure, the “silent-treatment” has a whole other meaning of it’s own. But if you’re able to use the power of silence in your favor, and for the sake of others, it can be a helpful tool to effective decision-making. You may think that by staying silent, you are agreeing with the other person and that they have won, but trust me, you have gained the upper hand in the situation. You, my friend, have become the controller. Similar to a relationship—The more love you give, the less power you have.

4. No regrets

Giving yourself time allows you to think clearly, leading to no regrets. This is key when meeting a person for the first time or simply coming up with a rebuttal. Silence is when “ego” (everyone’s best friend) gets turned off and we begin to completely immerse ourselves in the situation—giving yourself however long you desire to make a decision. Cause once its out there, JB it is too late now to say sorry.

Sometimes having too many voices in your head clouds your judgments and often times turns you into the person you do not want to be. I had to learn this the hard way because I always thought that the right thing to do was to speak up. But you have to use that judgment to know when it’s appropriate to speak up or remain silent. This means that even if it’s to appreciate the beauty of life or stand up for yourself, you have to know when to do it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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