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I Believe #AllLivesMatter And I’m Not Apologizing For It


I grew up in a home where we were taught to always respect people. You respect god, your elders, and especially police officers and military officials. I never looked at anyone differently because of race and never plan to. As a middle class, white, female, I do not under any circumstances consider myself racist. My sister is married to a black man and has four biracial children. One time when a less than accepting uncle of mine used the “n word” in front of my then 5-year-old nephew, I was sent into a rage. There is absolutely no excuse for such hatred. I had a college roommate who one night when we were just drinking wine decided to inform me that because she is white, she believes she is better than people of other races, not that she dislikes them, but that she is better. This sickened me and our friendship has seriously dwindled since.

I tend to stay off of my social media with the recent issues taking place, because if I post a differing view than I am deemed racist and have hatred. But let me assure you, I do not have room for hatred in my heart. But I will absolutely not stand for blaming white people, especially white cops, for the killings of black people. If you did not know, more white individuals are killed by police officers every year than any other race. You can tell me whatever reasoning you have behind anything being false, whatever you really want to say, I don’t care. But I have met many black cops and white cops and Latino cops, and Asian-American cops, all different types of cops who took a vow to protect and serve.

And for only one type of life to matter sickens me. Why do #blacklivesmatter but when its #backtheblue you become racist? Never did I hashtag #backthebluebecausetheykillblackpeople ABSOLUTELY NOT. But just how your black lives are fathers, brothers, sons, mothers, sisters, daughters, etc. But so are the cops.

They are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, just as anyone else from any other race is. So yes, #alllivesmatter so stop feeding into the bullshit about one race life mattering over the other. You say blacks are targeted, well when a black person gets upset that “one of theirs is killed” and then threatens white police officers, isn’t that the same thing? It all makes me sick. The small thought of peace in this world is obviously as realistic as Santa Claus or unicorns. But why not try and make it possible? Yes, black lives matter. But so do Latino, Asian, Muslim, and (don’t think I’m racist now) White lives. They all matter; race, gender, age, religion. They all matter. Period. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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