Please Be A Man

man standing in front of lake
Joshua Earle

Please be a man

That talks to a girl because you’re genuinely curious how her day went, concerned with how she feels, wants to know the deeper recesses of her mind, her thoughts, her fears, her dreams, her ambitions and her opinions.

That takes a girl out just because the knowledge of her stresses pushes you to give her a break from it all.

That argues with her, not because you believe you’re right, but because she’s closing her mind to possibilities and realities her heart cannot bear to accept.

That helps her come to terms with life, the success, the trials and most especially the failures, where she loses all faith in the world.

That not only wishes her the best in life, but also gives her the best he can to brighten up the life they share.

That never leaves, no matter how hard being with her becomes, no matter how weak your faith in the two of you may be, that there will be a part of you that will always remember why you chose her in the first place and think, it is all worth it.

That sees the spark in her eyes in moments of joy and adoration of loved ones’ company.

That beams back the spark you see in her as it radiates from your own happiness of seeing her happy.

That lets her help you in your moment of darkness and trials while also sharing with her moments of success no matter how small.

That listens to her arguments when your heart cannot accept realities and possibilities you are closing your mind to.

That lets himself be spoiled with the love given by her, the best version of love she can give after countless of heartbreaks.

That shares his fears, your dreams, your opinions and ambitions, your deepest thoughts and your true intentions.

Please be that man,

Please be that man for me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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