Would You Love A Girl Like This?

difficult to love
Caique Silva

Would you ever love a kind of girl who never forgets? Not for a moment. Not at all. All the heartaches and pain that came that had scarred her in her young life.

Who takes note of every word you say or promise you make. Not because she’ll hold it against you but because she hopes it will not be broken. And even if it does, the blame will never be on you, but on what she could’ve done to make you break them.

Who lives a thousand lives to drown everything out of her mind with books and movies and sometimes her own works of writing. Who needs these things to forget the constant reminder the memories bring. These are her companions that silence out the cries she’s cried before.

Who seeks constant security. Never worry for she will not bother you when you have your night out or your alone time, no. It will be the ghost of the past haunting her through these times. And hopefully, your love is enough to silence the ghosts and leave her a lingering sense of safety.

And finally would you love a girl that constantly needs space? It is hard sometimes to believe. That with all the neediness a girl like that requires, she will seek solitude. Whether at random or long announced. This silence is important to her. For she cannot always fathom that a man like you would even consider her.

And for every day you stay, for every test you pass on her mental checklist, the silence lets it sink in, that maybe it is possible, that all the ghosts that haunt her, telling her about all the heartbreaks she has had and possible ones ahead could be silenced by a love like yours.

I think anyone can love a girl like this. Anyone can be deemed capable.

But in the end, would you?

And when you do, will you stay? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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