Read This If You’re Currently Feeling Completely Stuck In Life

when you're stuck in life
Prscilla Du Preez

To all the people who are stuck,

If you are stuck at work, time will move. The end of the shift is just around the corner. The seconds will pass and will turn to minutes. Mind your own work. Focus. Hate it with so much passion that you’re gonna finish it half the time it takes than just hating it. Don’t get me wrong, hate it, but do it right. There is no point in making mistakes as you would only have to redo all of it. If you are planning to leave, go. You are not a tree. You are only bound by your contract which ends when you decide to go. If you feel compassion towards the people that will be burdened by your absence, put yourself first. You cannot live with the weight of all that guilt. You will always have to come first. In time, they will have to move on as well. Relationships will heal. You are, after all, professionals and first of all, just human.

If you are stuck in traffic, kilometers will soon turn to meters and meters will turn into a few steps away from home. It will move. Appreciate not being the cause of traffic. May it be a broken car or an accident. Be thankful that it is not you in that unfortunate event. And in the worst case that you are, help will come. Human kindness will prevail. Aid will always be available.

If you are stuck at home, without a job, without income, persevere. There are all sorts of jobs if you know where to look. Take this time being stuck to know what you want to do. Prioritize which job you want most to the least. It’s okay. You’ll find your calling. Be sure not to let your ego get in the way. Also, be sure to do it well. Whatever you decide on. Be all there. And never forget to take pride in what you end up doing as long as you know it is decent and that you are not stepping on anybody’s toes.

If you are stuck in love with someone who has moved on, it will pass. Learn to change your habits. Mix up your schedule. Meet people. Go out. Learn hobbies. But more importantly, take your time. Do not force the love out of you. Loving while you’re in pain is still love. To redirect it back to yourself, you have to take time to map out the way to who you are, the new you, the one you haven’t met yet. You have lost yourself being with someone and that’s okay. You will find your way back. This is not a bad thing. This is an opportunity to grow. You are so much more than you think you are. You are not a just a heartbroken person. Never let yourself feel small because of lost love. Remember that this love will never be lost, because all of it came from you.

To all the people stuck in so many different ways, we will have to move, if not sooner then later.

Do not settle on this state. Let us not wait for a miracle or a savior. The movement must come from us. For if we rely on someone else, we will only end up on a different kind of stuck, and that’s the scariest kind of stuck there is, a cycle of being pushed around by someone else and having no control over our own lives. We have to take the wheel and steer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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