10 Petty Problems That Are Just Blessings In Disguise


So I compiled a list of things that I was originally thinking of as: “10 Stupid Problems That Make Me Way More Upset Than They should” but then I read over the list and it made me realize how blessed I truly am and how good I have it, because if these are the problems that are making me upset, I must be pretty f-cking content with my life at the moment. And so are you if you can relate to them:

1. When I say something in class that I thought was brilliant (or at least made some sense) but my professor doesn’t really acknowledge my comment or just kind of…. Nods.

2. When I hold the door for someone but he or she totally just treats me like some sort of “door holder” and walks in without so much as a glance.

3. When I come home for the first time in over a month but both my cats just give me a nonchalant stare and it’s clear they’re just thinking: “Oh, you again.”

4. When I notice a stain on my clothing because apparently I am a disgusting slob when I eat.

5. When I lose a sock in the process of doing laundry. EVERY TIME THOUGH WHY?!

6. When I get the dreaded message: “Cannot connect to [insert network name here]” and I have to live with the fact that I am not connected to the internet.

7. When I get into my covers and as soon as I close my eyes the image of my English professor pops up (kind of creepy, yeah) and then I jolt up realizing I forgot to read those 100 pages that he’s going to quiz me on the next day.

8. When my spoon scrapes the bottom of my Nutella jar.

9. When I sit in my chair unable to move thanks to the food baby I have just created but then the lovely dirty dishes and pans are calling out to me to wash them.

10. When I step outside and pull out my phone so that I can listen to some music on my walk to class only to realize that my headphones are still sitting at my desk but if I went back to get them I’d be late for class and what kind of excuse is: “I had to go back to get my headphones, sorry?” TC Mark

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