The Trick To Finding Real Love? Stop Searching For It

Ravi Roshan
Ravi Roshan

The search for “Love” seems inevitable and intangible. In today’s generation, love has become less of a feeling and has taken more of an idealistic manner. We constantly think about it, strive for it, and crave it; however, we lack the actual emotion of pure, genuine love.

But if “love” is the most desired emotion, why are some of us still looking? What exactly is missing?

Think about it, other than the unconditional love we receive from our families and friends, most of us are still searching for that same kind of love in a partner. Someone one to call our own in a sense, a person to comfort us when we’re sad, someone to share our happy moments with, someone to look at us and think, “Hmm… I can’t imagine life without you.”

So, if we’re all looking for the same thing, why can’t some of us find it?

Is it that we are looking in the wrong places? Possibly. Are some of us just bound to be alone for all eternity? Not likely. Then what is it? Well think of it like this, when you are looking for your favorite lost t-shirt, what do you first do? Some of us will retrace our steps back to the last place we left it. Some of us think we know exactly where to find it. Nevertheless, it’s practically almost never where we believe it last was left nor is it where we feel it is.

What does a lost t-shirt and love have in common? The search!

We’re are all so obsessed with the thought of finding love that we forget to actual just feel the emotion.

The harder we search, the less likely we are to find. Here is some advice for you endless romantic and those who want real love, the genuine kind of love: STOP LOOKING! Take a moment to enjoy the amazing feeling of love.

Love does not fit the false ideas imprinted in our heads; it doesn’t fit the “relationship goals” criteria. It’s not this picture-perfect image; it’s not what we regularly see in movies and read in books. Society owes its citizens to break free from this idealistic version of love and how it supposed to be and how it’s supposed to happen!

Love is free.
Love is untamed.
Love is beautiful.
Love is hard.
Love is sacrifice.
Love is connecting.
Love is electric.
Love is pure.
Love is simple.
Love is amazing.
Love is without boundaries.

So, stop looking, because you’ll never find the Hollywood version of love. It just does not exist! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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