3 Simple Reasons Why Your Facebook Friends Hate You

If you thought this was going to be the 12 millionth anti-selfie post, you’re sadly mistaken. Selfies are completely harmless. If someone’s selfie makes you blow a gasket, chances are there are a lot of underlying reasons, the main one being that you already just don’t like the person who posted it and it has nothing to do with the picture itself. But there are bigger fish to fry, people! Here’s a list of Facebook moves that will certainly make everyone hate you if you do them often enough.

1. Liking someone else’s comment on your friend’s post or picture, but not the post or picture itself. This is the equivalent of walking up to two people, greeting and embracing one, and then just staring blankly at the other, and the surest way to get under someone’s skin on Facebook. This happens to me all the time…and it hurts my heart.

2. Taking the time to debate with someone for hours, only to delete your comments 15 minutes later, making the other person look like a complete lunatic. Come on guys, at least have the balls to stand by what you thought was important enough to spend hours typing up. It’s not like you can get beat up over the internet.

3. Concocting biting posts directed towards half the people on your friends list for something really arbitrary like posting too much about “X” (“X” can be anything from babies to cats to working out to rap music). Chill out, Facebook Watchdog. Go get passionate about something yourself and stop being the big bitter bully of Facebook. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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