I Hope Someday You Live The Life You Deserve

In another world, you are brave enough to plunge into the impossible. To risk everything you have- all that is comfortable and familiar with something new and unknown. You dive into the ocean without considering its depth, not sure enough if you’ll make it safely to shore.

In another world you are a wild child, stepping fearlessly into the unknown with eyes wide open. Your body speaks of adventure in every possible way. You live in the now and savor the present not caring about the future or resenting the past.

Darling, you are your today and all of its moments; all the highs, lows and in between. In another world this is you, unafraid and unapologetically true.

But as the dawn breaks, and a new day comes to light, you open your eyes once more and realize that you are yet in that world. And everything that is and that you hope to be is just a figment of your imagination, of a lifelong dream that continues to pile up with years. For the truth is you are in a universe where the fearless become fearful, where adventures are traded for the comfortable and where- as much as you’d like not to, society always has a say on your validation.

As much as you’d like to trade places and leave, shut your eyes once more, dream and be the person you have always wanted to be, you just can’t. As much as you would like to set sail into your life’s greatest adventure, you are stuck and unable to move.

At the end of the day, you still choose to live the safe and the sure continuously hoping that one day you’ll be able to be brave enough to stand up and leave your safety net. Maybe one day you will be brave enough to venture into the unknown and leave everything that is familiar behind, maybe one day you’ll be unafraid to fail yourself and the people around you.

Maybe one day you’ll realize that the other world you have been relentlessly dreaming about is already within your reach. Maybe one day- as another dawn breaks, and another new day comes, as you open your eyes, you will see that you and the other person in that fearlessly beautiful world is one and the same and that you are capable of being that and more all along.

Maybe one day you’ll find that courage within you. I hope someday, soon. Thought Catalog Logo Mark