Success Is Found Within The Journey, Not The Destination

Shane Drummond

Don’t fret dear one. It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out just yet. It’s okay to feel unsure about life, about your decisions.

It’s okay not to be where you’ve pictured yourself to be.

Don’t rush darling the world will unfold on its own. You are young, vibrant, driven and free. There are endless possibilities for you, you will see. You may be struggling now in a facet or two, but the world will take its course; day by day it will reveal its plans to you.

Don’t compare your process to others. You may feel that they’re succeeding and you are not; but remember, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side dear one. Don’t forget that they have their own battles, and you have yours too. You may not know it but they may feel as lost and as afraid as you do.

You were the type who always wanted to succeed, you’ve set the bar high for yourself, but success seems so far off from now. It feels like you are failing all the expectations that you’ve set yourself to do.

You want to be in the position that you are not, making you overlook what you have already achieved. Making you forget the strong tides you’ve already battled just to be where you are now.

Don’t be too hard on yourself darling.

You are doing the best that you possibly can at the moment. Be patient; continue working for your dreams and your success will come to you.

Remember that success is not a destination that you need to arrive at within a given time frame. It is not the same for you, or for anybody else.

It is the process. Success is the process itself.

Overcoming the struggles, your inner demons, frustrations, fears, and following your passion; that is the real success dear one. It’s not about reaching your desired destination or being where you perceive your success would be; it is realizing that amidst all the difficulties, you were able to make it through; you were able to learn something new; about yourself, about the world around you.

At times, the society will tell you otherwise. They will set their own standard of success for you to comply. There will come a time that they will question you, your decisions, your plans and your achievements; if this happens don’t lose grip of yourself.

Let them question all they want, let them set whatever standard they want; but don’t ever let them take away the passion within you. Just go do whatever you find in your heart is right.

Don’t let society set the standards of your success for you.

You may not be wherever you’ve pictured yourself to be just yet. But you are a process on your own, a work in progress. A continuous cycle of falling and recovering, you may be struggling but you will get through.

One day you will reach your vantage point darling. So for now don’t rush your journey, savor all the highs, lows and in between.

You will get there, you will succeed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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