Thank You To The One Who Came And Never Left

Andreas Rønningen/Unsplash 

You have so much love to give. Your heart is so big, it can forgive faults over and over. You overlook flaws, you love deeply without condition.

Right from the start you already knew what you got yourself into. There was no assurance that you would be loved back. But you aimed for the moon and tried your luck anyway.

She was a mess during those times. She was lost, She didn’t know herself. She waited for things that would never happen. She held onto people that would never love her back. She leaves before she gets left behind. She runs and escapes when things get rough.

She was complicated, and you knew exactly what she was.

But you chose to stay; you held her hand, promised her your heart and your lips uttered the words that calmed her thoughts and rested her weary heart.

You pursued her every single day. You showed her what true love feels like until she forgot the pain. Until she realized she was worth loving, she was worth keeping and that there was no point in running away.

You saw the good in her. You saw how much she was capable of feeling, of loving deeply. You believed her until she believed it herself.

You love her so much during her best days, and even more during her worst. You understand her in every possible way. You apologize even if you did her no wrong just so an argument will end. And you patiently wait for her to come to her senses and own up to her faults.

You never judge her, you never demean her. You never try to change her. You respect her judgments and allow her to spread her wings and follow her dreams trusting that at the end of the day, she will return with a glow in her eyes and all the stories she can’t wait to tell.

You support her in everything, every single time. You encourage her to be the best that she can be, without forgetting to be herself. You allow her to be alone in the comforts of her own soul, but reminding her always that you are there whenever she needs you.

Over the years you’ve allowed her to grow, to mature into a beautiful human being. You have seen her cry, breakdown, get back up and shine.

You have seen her be vulnerable, you have seen her be strong and loved her all the more.

You have always been there; her source of strength and happiness, her constant, her forever person.

And she is just so blessed, that a person as genuine as you saved her from all the heartache she’s been through.

She is truly happier now, more than ever. So grateful for the life she’s been given, smiling from ear to ear because she finally found that one person, who understands her quirks at every possible moment, the one whom she loves and in return loves her back unconditionally.

The one that made her believe that forever could exist in a lifetime. The love of her life; the one who came and never left. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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