One Day You Will Heal, And One Day You Will Love Again

Erick Lee Hodge

There was a point in time when you had planned your life ahead of you. You wanted to do this, you wanted to go there. You wanted to spend the rest of your life with that special person. You had so many plans laid out in your head. You pictured out that perfect day, of happily ever after, of lifelong bliss; but one day you woke up.

Tears were streaming down your face. You were crying in your dreams, waking up out of breath because the pain crushes you deep within. Then finally you realize it was not a dream.

It was real, it was over.

The love that you once shared was not able to sustain time, distance and differences. It did not fonder when it was supposed to. Instead it died. Little by little the flame faded away. Until finally, there was nothing left but ashes, memories and traces of what used to be.

You begin to ask yourself what you’ve done wrong. You replay everything over and over. You exhaust all the energy you have in you. What did you miss? What didn’t you do? Why?

With high hopes you try to fix things for one more time. You take another shot, pour your heart out; you reach out until fixing’s already out of reach, until you feel hopeless, until you feel tired.

Then day by day, after the setting of each sun and the rising of another; you begin to embrace the fact that it is over. It is painful; it cuts deep within the core. You have lost the battle. And it’s done.

Then you let go.

It hurts so much this time, but trust that all the pain will soon pass. It will one day go away and you’ll be able to look back and smile. You will be thankful for the beautiful memories you have once shared. For the nights that turned into mornings, for the sincerest conversations, and for the purest love you once had.

You will be grateful for the chance to have loved and be greatly loved back in return.

It may not have turned out like how you pictured it to be. It may not have lasted forever. It may have ended. But remember it once made you feel an amazing universe of emotions, of bliss, blessings and all things combined.

You may be hurting now, but you will be fine.

You were once the happiest dear one, and in time, you will be again. You will weather your storm and your sun will shine again.

One day you will heal, you will feel and you will love again.

You will be fine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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