4 Things That Just Aren’t Cute Anymore As A Senior In College

There are a lot of things that were cute when we were little that just aren’t cute anymore (or are frowned upon by adult society). The same thing goes for our freshman and sophomore years of college. When we were freshmen we were expected to act foolish. When we were sophomores we were just more knowledgeable on how to get away with acting foolish.

Having just finished my third year of college, I can’t help but notice how much I have changed since my freshman year, and the ridiculous amount I have changed since my sophomore year (my sophomore year was my crazy year needless to say). We always knew we’d have to grow up eventually, and our junior year is typically when we start doing that. We get involved in our majors, we have found a solid group of friends, and we are fully aware of what’s going on around campus. We’re still young, so we love a good party every now and then, but we’ve been through the “get drunk every weekend and survive off of cafeteria leftovers” phase, and we’re typically just over it now. However there are the exceptions- those who seem to forget that there is an end goal (graduation and a job in the real world). Here’s why it’s not cute anymore…

1. Getting black out drunk

Our freshman year was our year of experimenting our limits. Whether you never blacked out, or blacked out a handful of times, chances are you have at least one horror story from your freshman year due solely to alcohol. By sophomore year we’ve learned our limits, so black outs aren’t common, but they’re still excusable. Well by senior year, they’re just foolish. By this time we are well versed in the ways of alcohol. We know how much to drink, what to drink, and how a certain drink makes us react. We aren’t judging you, it’s just that we see the other side of “the dark ages”, and we know that someday you too will see the bright side of having alcohol as your close trusted ally.

2. Using alcohol to excuse your bad decisions

Freshman year was a fun time for us to get drunk and do stupid things like text our exes or take blurry videos of nothing and update them to our Snapchat story. Sophomore year was a great time to get drunk to be able to deal with seeing your freshman year ex at the bar. By senior year, it’s just juvenile. The bottom line is, all of the drama that surrounds being drunk is nothing we care for anymore. Oh, did you get drunk last weekend and punch a hole in the wall? Dumb. Did you get wasted and throw up all over your hallway? Gross. Do you not remember a single thing that happened last night? Dangerous. Again with the importance of using alcohol as your ally, instead of your mortal enemy.

3. Masking your intentions when it comes to boys/girls

The other night, a guy I went to high school with snapchatted me asking me when we were going to get drunk together. I found myself suddenly highly annoyed by this. After being in college for three years, I can tell you a lot of things. One of those things is that if a boy and a girl get drunk together, completely alone, odds are they’re not sitting there reminiscing about childhood (usually). I instantly found myself thinking, does he honestly think I am dumb enough to not know his intentions? Now DON’T misunderstand me.

I am by no means pushing any alternate agenda here (in other words, I’m NOT saying boys are just trying to take advantage of girls). What I am saying is that it’s no longer cute to treat me like your toy. We all grew up in the hook-up culture. We know what it is. In general we’re just tired of it now. We’re not hags, we’ve just experienced the effects of casual hookups either through our own experiences or our friends’ experiences enough to know that we’re over it. And when all of our friends seem to be getting engaged, the last thing we want is a highly regrettable one-night-stand.

4. Acting like you’re better than everyone

There will exist a large difference between freshman and seniors. While a freshman is concerned with making the most of his first college year, a senior is concerned with making the most of his last college year, and these are two completely different mindsets. The differences between each year of college can be painful or comical, depending on how you view them. By now, we are all stuck in that dark zone where we just want to graduate, but we just want to stay in college. This tends to freak a lot of us out (I’m guilty).

I remember being a freshman on campus and being terrified of the upperclassmen because they knew everything about themselves at that point, and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I personally can look back on that and laugh (hard). I’m not better than any freshman. I just (hopefully) have a more education-driven existence by the time I’ve gotten here. The point is, we have a lot of advice to offer. Let’s not forget that it was only a couple of years ago that we too were the raging partiers of campus. As a girl with a brother who’s going to be in college soon, I feel completely equipped to answer any question he happens to ask. Take pride in having made it this far! Maybe some freshman somewhere looks at you and thinks you have your life completely together (here’s to acting grown up). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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