5 Little Ways To Fall Back In Love With Your Life

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These past few months, I’ve been struggling to figure out how to live this life in the right way. I had severe burnout and went to Bali for impulsive solo traveling. I discussed with my parents, friends, and a psychologist to get their point of views about life.

These few past months have been difficult, yet I’ve gained countless lessons which made me understand how to live life, not in the right way, but in the most peaceful way.

Through all the hurricanes that I’ve encountered this year, I learned how to fall back in love with my life and I know by heart, that you could do it, too.

1. Fall back in love with your life by looking back and seeing how far you’ve moved forward.

Allow yourself to go back into your past and compare yourself to the version of you now. Realize that you’ve survived those hard times and you’re still here, safe and sound. Appreciate how you could get back on your feet and fall in love with yourself over and over again and for the way your heart could be mended.

Please recognize that you’ve moved on from those broken hearts, forgave the ones who did you wrong, and found a way to survive until the present. Fall back in love with your life by being proud of who you’ve become and realizing that you’ve done your best in every challenge that life has thrown at you.

2. Fall in love with your life by not chasing people but by starting to cherish the ones who are there by choice.

Now, instead of begging anyone to stay, focus your attention on the ones who always stay without being asked. If they block you, cut off contact, and ignore you, just let them go. See your worth from the people who always stay, not from the ones who decide to leave.

Fall in love with your life by giving people a space to roam the world. As cliché as it always gets, the people who are meant to be yours will always gravitate back toward you. Set them free and live your life instead of waiting for them to come back.

3. Fall back in love with your life by accepting that all the shitty things that have happened are beyond your control.

Similar to falling in love with a person, which makes you disregard their flaws, falling in love with your life will also require you to accept your life as it is. Sometimes, the best feeling is when you’re not forcing anything to happen and just seeing what life offers you.

Life becomes a misery when you’re focusing on the things which were never meant to be yours. So, this time, please allow yourself to just let go and give yourself space for the things which haven’t happened yet.

You see, most of the time, good things happen when you’re least expecting it and those surprises will make you more in love with life. Thus, let those surprises come to you and fall back in love with your life by not being obsessed with the things which you can’t control.

4. Fall in love with life by putting your trust in the Universe and yourself.

Never put all your trust in other people, even if you’re convinced that they’re trustworthy. Sometimes, people are fluid; they change their minds and behaviors in a split second. Yesterday, they could promise you the world, but tomorrow, they might be gone for good.

You could always believe in people, but never put the control of yourself within their hands. People will always get the best of you and most of the times, they will disappoint you.

Allow yourself to learn and accept the fact that you can’t always rely on people. This time, fall back in love with your life by putting fewer expectations towards people and hang on to nothing but the Universe and yourself.

5. The last, but not the least, please fall back in love with your life by falling in love with yourself first.

Be kind to yourself. Forgive your own mistakes, try to love all your wounds, stop blaming yourself for the things that didn’t work out, and learn to accept all your flaws. The love that you give to yourself is worth more than any love you could ever receive from other people.

Maybe right now, you’re at the lowest point of your life, but believe me, you could always learn to fall back in love with your life. Give life a chance to mesmerize you in the most unexpected ways. Always remember that you are the soul that the Universe loves the most.

And please remember, when you fall in love with yourself, you always fall back in love with your life immediately. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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