Remember This When You Want Them To Come Back Into Your Life

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They said you know it’s over when you are more in love with the memories than the person who you once loved. When that moment comes, you will be disappointed by the fact that everything has changed. You won’t feel the same anymore towards this person. You will be crushed by the fact that the relationship with them didn’t work out, even though at first, you thought it would. You thought that this person was the one and everything was going to work out fine, but it didn’t work out as both of you grew apart day by day.

Your feelings towards this person will fade away with time and it was nobody’s fault, as time has made both of you distant. At that exact moment, you know that you’ve tried your best to make them stay and to make your feelings stay the same, but everything has slipped away as both of you decided to leave each other. You will have a broken heart or maybe you just feel numb as you still don’t understand what went wrong.

At first, you will feel fine as you’ll get busy with your own life. But then you will finally realize and feel the gap that has been left by that person who had been there from the start. You will miss them so bad. You will miss their presence, their words, their quirks and laughs, and everything that made both of you special. You will remember those songs, places, and the memories that you had with them and you will want them back.

Trust me, you will want those feelings and memories to come back. But remember that missing the memories is not the same as missing the person.

Please remember that you are better off without them as they are supposed to be gone. If they were the one, they would have never decided to leave you behind. They would have insisted and made an effort to always stay even though your feelings were fading away. If they were the one, you would know and you wouldn’t guess what went wrong because everything will feel alright.

When you want them to come back, there is no guarantee that everything will work out the way want it to. Remember that there is a high probability that you will feel the same disappointment and the same pain over again towards this person. Maybe you believe in second chances, but please also remember that people’s behaviors are a pattern and if they did it more than twice, they will do it again.

When you want them to come back, remember that you deserve someone who gives you the same kind of love that you gave to the wrong ones.

The person who left you behind didn’t and will never deserve you. So, when you want them to come back, distract yourself with the new life that you have right now. Focus on the goals you want to pursue, reach out those people who always stay, and try to love yourself even more. Stop blaming yourself for the relationship that has been broken, because that relationship was not your mistake but lesson learned.

I know that it will be hard for you to forget them and it’s okay. They have been a part of you and now they’re gone. I understand that it’s hard to live without that person who has been with you from the start. You see, moving on doesn’t mean that you should forget them; moving on means that you need to accept the fact that everything has changed and you feel okay with it. Maybe in the future, they will come back or otherwise, but for now please live your life to the fullest.

When you want them to come back into your life, that’s just the moment you’re remembering the good memories; you should look back and realize that you are worth more than being left behind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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