10 Things To Know Before Dating An Alpha Personality


1. They won’t sugarcoat things.

The alpha personality is brutally honest and they will tell everything how way it is. They will be your number one critic and you have to be used to their straightforward opinions about your life and your choices. But they’ll never make you question things because they’ll communicate their thoughts and feelings openly.

2. They don’t do texpectations.

It’s really okay for an alpha if you’re busy with your own life. Thus, they won’t get mad if you don’t reply to their texts immediately. They know you are trustworthy; they won’t be insecure if you’re MIA because an alpha is mature enough to realize that you have a life to be lived too. They prefer face to face anyway rather than relying the love connection between texts and phone calls.

3. They hate unnecessary drama.

When you date an alpha, you have to be mature and stop being a drama queen. Alpha personalities hate to argue about small things and they will be mad if you make everything more complicated than it should be. Don’t expect that they will spoil you every time you have a problem. They’d rather help you find a solution instead. The alpha personality won’t save you from drowning, but they will teach you how to swim.

4. They will push you to the limit.

An alpha will make you step out of your comfort zone; because that’s the way they live their lives. They will make you experience new things and motivate you to achieve your best life. When an alpha chooses you as their partner, it means that they see a lot of potential in you and they are proud of who you really are.

5. They won’t post your relationship status to social media.

An alpha doesn’t need validation from other people, especially when it comes to their personal life. When you date an alpha, don’t expect that you will see an official relationship status with your name on it in their Facebook profile, but know it means that they are protecting your privacy from nosy people.

6. They don’t like small talk.

An alpha personality loves deep conversation as it helps them to understand life. Thus, when you date an alpha, prepare yourself to listen to their thoughts about the purpose of life, politics, religion, and philosophy. They’ll be curious about your opinions on things, but they won’t push you to agree with them since they highly respect your own values and principles.

7. They will push you to do what you love.

The alpha personality lives a passionate life and wants you to do the same. They will make you realize your inner passions and make you follow them throughout your life. When you feel lost, an alpha will help you back on track towards the things you really love. The alpha personality helps you to build a life and stick with your passion.

8. They respect your friends and family.

The alpha personality doesn’t have time to play around in a relationship; when you date an alpha, it means that he/she is serious about you. They will be thrilled to meet your friends and they’ll love to meet your family as well. An alpha knows that your friends and family are important to you just as theirs are for them.

9. They won’t dominate everything.

An alpha personality won’t always dominate everything in the relationship. An alpha knows when it’s time to lead the relationship or vice versa, and they respect that you have a right to be in charge too. Sometimes, an alpha needs someone who can lead them and when they choose you, it means that they trust you to show them the way.

10. They will involve you with building their future.

When you date an alpha, you will be involved in planning their future. They will ask your opinions about their decisions in life and that’s something they won’t do with anyone but you. When an alpha involves and includes you in their future plans, it means that they love and want you to be part of their lives. They know that you can be an excellent partner to strive and achieve many things in life, because you have potential which an alpha loves. At the end of the day, when you date an alpha, you will realize that they don’t need you, but they want you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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