Even If We Are Never More Than Strangers, I Am Still Thankful For You

Drew Coffman
Drew Coffman

You and I were just like travelers who met at the airport while waiting for our flights. You are sweet and unforgettable, but temporary. More often than not, we talked about the things we loved the most from our latest trip; I’ve talked about how the ocean always made me amazed by its deep blue color, while you’ve talked about those travelers who were also hiking the mountain to its peak.

Both of us loved the universe the same. Then, just like any other travelers, you will say goodbye as you go to the different destination as mine. But that’s okay as long as I’ve already heard your story once in a while.

You and I were living the same memories, yet different kind of life paths. You always feel like a box full of past memories to me, yet I still don’t know many things about you more than your home address. You are familiar but strange at the same time.

Both of us love our past, yet lost in the uncertainty of the future. You’re never bored to ease my anxious mind as we trace the possibility of the next years ahead. Then, just like the clock with its minutes and seconds, you will pass me by because you have to catch other opportunities one by one. But that’s okay because I also have to catch my luck.

You and I were born in the same year and grew up in the same place, yet we barely together because life often puts you into the scenes where I wasn’t there. Then, you will tell me about the people you’ve met and how they transformed you to be a better person. You will talk about how those people taught you countless life lessons and you’ll grow wiser than you used to be.

Both of us have learned through the people we’ve met, yet you barely realized that I’ve learned a lot from you.

Thus, you will continue your journey to collect life lessons from those inspiring people along the way; meanwhile, I wonder when I’ll listen to your stories again. But that’s okay because I knew that you were born to be a learner and no one could stop you to learn.

You and I were also born to have a million dreams to be pursued, yet we’ve never got the chance to pursue it together. I always know your milestone; those achievements you’ve got to be closer to your dreams and I always proud of your hard works. Then, you will always say that those were just beginner’s luck and you never bored to say, “You will get some better opportunities than mine.” Meanwhile, I knew by heart those weren’t luck, those were the rewards of your struggles in life.

Both of us are warriors who never give up on our dreams. We know that life should always be followed by hard works and a little faith that everything will work out fine. Then, you will say to me that everything has already planned the way it should be and I start to let you go. But that’s okay because I still hold on to that little faith which said that you’ll always come back.

You were born to be a storyteller and I was never bored to hear your voice. You always have something to be told, to be laughed, and to convince me that the universe is actually kind. Maybe you have so many people out there who also want to listen to your stories as well. But that’s okay because you aren’t even mine to keep.

Maybe we will always be this way or maybe not. You always feel like a stranger to me, yet I feel so connected to you.

Strangely, the universe always puts our paths to be bumped into each other once in a while, yet we’ll be separated over and over again. I never know what that means, but that’s okay because life works in a mysterious kind of way.

We are just a couple of perfect strangers and that’s okay, simply because wherever we are, life will always be okay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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