The Truth About What You Truly Deserve In Life


Have you ever wondered about how you’ve always ended up with rejections? On why people always leave you behind or you have left them behind?

At first, you will feel so lonely and isolated like there is something wrong within yourself. You don’t know why you have always ended up losing people you loved and being so familiar with separations. All you know that you always have the same disappointments and broken hearts. You thought that they will stay forever, but they didn’t. You will start to doubt about the definition and the feeling of love, affection, and home. You don’t even know what you truly deserve anymore because you always feel worthless each time you’ve lost some people in your life.

But let me tell you one thing that is true, you don’t deserve any less than your worth.

You deserve to be treated fairly, when all you hear from other people is only the truths, without lies and broken promises. You deserve to hear the goodbyes before some people changed and never come back to their old selves that you have really missed. You deserve to know what has made them change. You deserve to hear the reasons why people left you behind and why some people betrayed you, you don’t deserve to be left hanging.

You deserve to be loved the same way you have loved other people. You deserve that gentle and generous affection that you’ve always given in every word each time you spoke to the people you loved the most. You deserve to feel the warmth of those hugs in the middle of your bad days and you deserve to hear “everything will be okay” which makes you believe in hope. You deserve to feel worthy by some people who treat you with respect; when you always be heard and your love is reciprocated, simply because you don’t deserve an unrequited love.

You deserve to tell all your stories to other people who are always listening. You deserve to be surrounded by the people who always care about your day, about what you are struggling each second, and you deserve to be surrounded by the people whom make you feel at home. You deserve to be your true self, when you don’t have to be insecure in what you have said. You deserve to live in the place where you can put off your mask and don’t have to pretend even in a second.

You deserve to feel appreciated without feeling guilty with your own expectations. You deserve to expect that people will recognize your worth, your values, your existence in their lives. It’s totally human for you if you want to feel worthy in people’s lives. You deserve to be accepted by people in your life.

But most of all, you deserve to leave, simply because you shouldn’t settle for less.

You deserve to leave all the people who treated you like shit. You deserve to say goodbye and tell the reason why you left them in the first place. You deserve to tell them your disappointment without saying sorry and feeling guilty. You deserve to move forward, to forgive, and to forget those people who didn’t know your worth. You deserve to seek your own happiness within some new people that you’ll meet in the future.

You deserve to leave that city which makes you feel worthless. You deserve to seek your own existence by traveling the world as much as you can. You deserve to trace the starry night sky as you find that inner peace within yourself with or without other people.

You deserve to discover new things, to explore, and to seek the meaning of what truly matters in your life.

You deserve to choose. You deserve to choose your own happiness and home. You deserve to choose whether you want to stay or leave them behind. You deserve to choose where you want to be in other people’s lives. You have a thousand possibilities ahead of you and when some people make you feel less than you deserve, choose to leave. This is your own life; you deserve to feel worthy and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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