To The Millennial Writers

Green Chameleon
Green Chameleon

Thank you so much for your dedication by making this world becomes a better place to be lived in. Without your concern, you saved so many lives out there; you’ve healed the broken hearts, you’ve helped somebody from depression and mental issues, you’ve untangled some fights and misunderstandings, and you’ve united some pair of souls to be together.

Being a writer means you are actually one of the peoples’ representatives to express their feelings. You are the people pleaser and you give your words to help the society to recognize their own voices. You are their savior towards their own messed up minds and confusions, and you are the mediator towards fights and wars.

You choose to write down your ideas and pour your thoughts regarding people’s issue; and that is something to be proud of in this generation of social media. You give your heart for those around you through each phrase, commas, and spaces; and that is why you are actually one of the heroes to be appreciated.

I know that sometimes it feels lonely to be a writer in this generation, because actually you are writing just because you want to be understood; you want to be heard by others. Words with its analogies and metaphors help you to recognize your own existence as a human being. You want to be heard through each space and meanings behind each alphabet, and that is the only way people can comprehend your depth completely.

I do understand that it will be hard for you to handle your own emotions which you felt too intense. Those broken hearts and shattered pieces will be your fuels to produce those beautiful words. Those bursts of emotions will be your sources to be written within your poems and stories. Your college moments, your confusions toward the future, your feeling of lost in this world, your loneliness, and your excitement of graduation will be your ideas that will be read and inspire so many youths out there; your pieces will be everyone’s guideline to live their lives. You are the inspiration toward billion souls.

Dear Millennial writers, please do not stop to write.

Write for your sake of well-being, for you to heal; write because it is the way for you to claim your existence as a human being. Do not stop to pour your feelings and ideas and do not stop to capture each moment through spaces, lines, and paragraphs. Do not stop to make a sound with your own voices through words, all of your ideas and opinions regarding this 20-somethings-life are relevant; be fearless and honest in every piece that you’ll create.

Thank you for making your existence meaningful, you are the soul that God has created to make this world prettier than it used to; you are the work of art itself. Your next piece might save other lives.

Keep on writing and make those sentences, your messages. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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