When You Leave, I Will Still Be Me

Natalie Allen
Natalie Allen

This is what you have to understand. I won’t beg for your love. I won’t beg for you to be mine.

The world is so big and it has so much to offer. My universe will certainly not go incognito on me because you left.

My heart won’t stop pumping blood because you said “no”. I was not born into you. You are not the air I breathe, we do not share the same lungs. You have to understand, if you’re looking for someone to beg for you to stay, I am not she.

However, I will remind you why you are beautiful to me. I will tell you everything I liked about you and all the things I hated, but learned to love. I will make you feel how gentle my love was again until you became numb of it. I will ask you what changed and what happened to me in your eyes.

I will listen while you tell me how everything you loved about me slowly became things that made you turn away. How our stubbornness have became a complete refusal for compromise.

So believe me when I say you do not complete me. Because when you go, I will still be me, not the same she, but still the whole me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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