What Finding Your Forever Love Actually Feels Like

Tom Pumford

You walked into my life and I am so happy you never walked back out. The way you held yourself, and that smile. Gosh that darn cute smile.

You captivated my attention from the moment you came through that spinning door. I got this feeling that I had never felt before, and I still get it when I see your face, that smile, that hair, and that laugh.

You had this way about you, and I craved to learn more about you. I wanted to know where you came from, and who you were as a person.

Your smile when everyone on the soccer team introduced us. It was like I had 5,000 butterflies zinging inside me. You sent this feeling up my spine.

You have no idea how thrilled I was when you asked me on our first date. Go karting? Heck yes! I had never had such a fun date. I had so much fun, and I could tell you did too.

You drove me home that night, and wanted a kiss, but I was so scarred to let anyone in. I ended up giving you a handshake and that is a joke that has lasted for years now. A forever memory. Of course you didn’t let me leave without pulling in for a kiss, and let me tell you that kiss was like no other kiss I had ever experienced. I felt something with you.

You texted me telling me how much fun you had, and that first date blossomed into something much greater.

You were 23 and I was 18. I was young, but I knew you were going to be my forever.

You and I spent as much time as we could between me going to school, and you with work. Then I was finally allowed to start staying over, and we just kept getting stronger.

You and I would go to festivals, sushi dates, run 5k, and go on fun vacations. Those will be the memories I cherish forever.

You inviting me to Dublin, Ireland. I had no clue what was in the books for me, but you found this special spot in St. Stephens Green in Ireland.

You got down on one knee, and you asked me to marry you.

You looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes, and when I said yes the reaction you gave me made my heart just ooze with even more deep love for you.

You grabbed me for a hug, and we stood there for a while just holding each other. I never thought I believed in true love until I experienced it with you.

You came into my life when I least expected it.

You made me strive to better myself, and always supported me.

You picked me up when I was feeling down, and you always had my back.

You became my best friend. Someone I can just tell the little funny things to about my day, and even the bad things.

You come home to me, and that’s my favorite part of my day.

You started holding my hand as we fell asleep, and that now has become an every night thing for us. It is hard for me to fall asleep without it.

You are my dream guy, and I wake up thankful I get to see you next to me.

You tell me just how much you love me, and it’s not always with your gentle words, but with your actions. The way you look at me has never changed since the first time you took me out.

You and I have continued to grow throughout our 3 years together, but as a team….a pretty great team!

You will be my husband next year, and I cannot wait to call you my husband for the rest of my life.

You are all I want, and will forever want to hold me, and love me.

You will be an amazing father.

You are my fairytale. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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