5 Reasons Other People’s Children Are Awful

1. They are disrespectful.

Nothings worse than when you are out with your bestie and her disrespectful little monster of a child. Hearing a child tell his parent to “Shut her face.” or tell her she’s fat can ruin an outing in a flat second.

2. They don’t shut up.

They are always talking and never wait for a reply. By the time you answer the first question you’ve missed three more .They yap for hours about cartoon shows you don’t care about and miss the dozen eyerolls you have been not so subtly giving them.

3. They keep your friends from hanging with you.

This one is by far the worst of all. When you need your friends because your boyfriend’s a total jerk and all you need is drinks and trash talking the last thing you want to hear from your best friend is “I’m sorry I can’t find a sitter.” Other people’s kids are ruining your life.

4. They are gross.

Kids pick their nose and eat it. Your lucky if a booger is the only thing on their sticky little hands.

5. You can’t discipline them.

We’ve all been there. You see a disheveled hard working mom trying to calm down her kid who’s currently throwing the worlds biggest tantrum in aisle 4. Don’t you wish you could go up to the screaming brat and whack em good or take the hose to the kid and cool him off. I think it should be a thing where strangers can discipline your kid if he’s being a total brat in a public place don’t you? Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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