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The New Rules (and Kings) of Hip Hop

But just like Das Racist and Odd Future, Kanye, Drake, and Nicki’s reach goes beyond music. Part of what makes them so appealing is their rejection of the historically acceptable rules-to-being-a-hip-hop-star. They are revealing in ways that most rappers deny themselves. Kanye

Kinda Just Wish I Had an Arranged Marriage…

Above anything, the reasons we’re getting divorced are the reasons we’re getting married. In the past—and, of course, this is still the case in many parts of the world—marriage was all about practicality. People got married to protect business interests, to ally families and clans, to procreate and extend their lineage, to create viable social and economic units.

Will The Vice Guide to Everything Save MTV?

It’s been years since the world stopped holding its breath for MTV to return to playing music videos. And I’m pretty sure we’d also given up hope the network would ever run any programs of substance. (Sadly, Jersey Shore and Teen Mom just don’t cut it.)

There is Nothing Feminist About Me, I am a Feminist…

To be a feminist, I quickly learned in my first year of college, I had to be an activist. I had to be angry about the condition of women around the world. I had to despise pop culture for maintaining the status quo. I couldn’t be interested in fashion. Nor could I straighten my naturally curly hair.

YouTube Joins The Fight Against Terrorism

The new function will allow users to report videos and YouTubers who encourage terrorism or spread propaganda through their videos. YouTube recently announced that it had removed hundreds of videos featuring radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, a dual American-Yemeni citizen believed to have been behind the failed Times Square bombing and the failed underwear bombing.

Thanks For Nothing, Allstate

In theory, I understand that this is “funny.” It’s the oldest ad-trick in the book: take two seemingly disparate things and combine them into one hilarious, bound-to-go-viral video. Sort of like rapping grandmas or talking animals. In this case, though, a smooth, handsome dude in a suit is as far as it gets from an Internet lingo-spewing, baby pink truck-driving, boy-crazy, text message-addicted teenage girl. Ha ha ha, easy laugh, easy ad.

Das Really Good Indie-Rap: Introducing, Das Racist

Among the most common complaints about indie-rap group Das Racist is that their music is “dumb,” “silly,” “immature.” That they’re “over-privileged liberal arts college grads” who are “making a mockery of rap.” A friend recently laid out his issue with the Queens- and San Fran-born, Williamsburg-affiliated trio like this: “They have nothing to talk about. Their music doesn’t make you feel anything.”

Ivy League Professor Charged With Incest

According to reports, political science professor David Epstein has been arrested for having, um, sexual relations with his 24-year-old daughter. Consensual sexual relations, that is. Though Epstein has yet to respond to the allegations, his lawyer has asked the Columbia community to “support him and give him the benefit of the doubt.” Hmmm. Epstein is now on administrative leave.

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