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On Sudan

My relationship with my country has been painful and complex for as long as I can remember, but my national identity has always been based on the rejection of tribe/religion/language/race as a marker of Sudanese-ness.

This Argentinian Woman Dropped Her Daughter On The Train Tracks

Only a couple of weeks into the new year, and we’ve already amassed a pretty long list of “Worst Parents Ever.” There was the awful mother who forcibly had her five-year-old daughter’s eyebrows waxed on Toddlers & Tiaras, the scumbag father who had his two-year-old son bagging weed, the woman who left her four-month-old baby in a freezing car while she shoplifted.

Phoenix Jones: Seattle's Real-life Superhero?

Real-life superhero Phoenix Jones had his nose broken by a couple of bandits while out fighting crime. Jones, who can be seen in this video wearing a nifty costume fitting for a protector of the streets, was attacked and held at gunpoint after trying to break up a fight in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle.

Jon Stewart on the Mark Twain N-Word Controversy

On last night’s episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart and always-insightful Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore tackled the issue of the so-called “sanitization” of Huck Finn. This is old news in the blogosphere but, surprise, surprise, JStew and Wilmore have some important contributions to make to the conversation.

The New Rage in Russia: Homemade Bungee Jumping?

I watched these videos several times over in attempt to figure out why someone, supported only by a barely-there harness, would allow a handful of friends to propel them off the side of what looks like a pretty tall building. Is this all the rage in Russia?

A Guide to Facebook Protocol/Etiquette

It’s mostly because the network adds another complicated dimension to what are already complicated enough social dynamics. But while there are commonly accepted guidelines for what to do IRL social situations, no such thing exists for Facebook. Here are my suggestions for protocol in responding to common Facebook occurrences.


Like anything M.I.A. touches, ViCKi LEEKX is blatantly political. It is, after all, a big shout-out to WikiLeaks. And so there are references to the government and freedom and America, all concepts that fit her narrative as a so-called political artist.

Under New York City with Andrew Wonder and Steve Duncan

In the beautifully shot short documentary “Undercity,” Duncan takes director/cinematographer Andrew Wonder on a tour of a few of the coolest—and most dangerous—restricted areas of the city. The film sees the two of them jumping third rails and dodging trains beneath the Fulton Street subway station, breaking into the sewer system, and climbing above the Williamsburg Bridge.

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