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Anti-Muslim Protesters Chant Hate At Fundraising Event

This video, put together by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, is a compilation of footage of a protest-turned-ugly outside an Orange County fundraiser held by the Islamic Circle of North American Relief USA. The group was hoping raising money for local women’s shelters and to fight homelessness, but the attendance of two “controversial speakers” drew several hundred protesters.

Young Female Rappers Throw Disses At Lil’ Wayne

This time, the questions come from Watoto From The Nile, a pair of 9- and10-year-old rappers whose song and corresponding video “Letter To Lil’ Wayne” are just that—an open letter to Lil’ Wayne, asking the sizzurp-swilling, curse-word-spewing, women-demeaning rapper to address the objectionable content in his music. Is it a good song? Not really.

Soccer Player Kicks An Owl When It’s Down During Match

The Colombian soccer player, a defender for Deportivo Pereira, kicked an injured owl when it landed on the pitch during a match against Atletico Junior of Barranquilla. The owl, it turns out, is Atletico Junior’s mascot, and was hurt when it flew onto the field and was struck by a ball.

Lil’ Kim’s Beef With Nicki Minaj Intensifies

Much like the singular theme of her entire anti-Nicki stance, the premise of Carbon Copy is that Nicki is a swagger-jacker. A series of (poorly edited) montages and audio clips is supposed to demonstrate just how much Nicki has been influenced by Kim, both in her raps and her style. Duh.

Anti-Authoritarian Authoritarians:The Other F Word

Watching the trailer reminded me very much of that scene in American Hardcore where Steve “Mugger” Corbin, a former Black Flag roadie, sips a glass of wine and talks about having invested his Black Flag and SST money into tech stocks. He’s now an “independently wealthy”  CPA. Either

Mom Publicly Shames Her Son For Bad Grades

This woman’s son is doing poorly in school—like, 1.22 GPA poorly—and she simply isn’t having it. When confiscating his phone and “other things” didn’t work, she decided to try something new: embarrass him, by putting him on a street corner with a “Honk If I Need Education” sign.

Adorable Five Year Old Explains What She Needs in a Man

This 5-year-old girl has her head on straight. While many of her classmates are dreaming of being scooped up by princes (thanks for nothing, Disney), she says she won’t marry you until she has a job. And she means it. You don’t wanna wait for her? Too bad. She’ll find another man.

The Simpsons Translated to Real-Life

British entertainment channel SkyOne commissioned creative agency Devilfish to create a real-life version of the iconic Simpsons intro last year. And it’s pretty spot-on! Watch as a group of surprisingly Bart-, Lisa-, Maggie-, Marge-, and Homer-like actors play out the intro with an impressive attention to detail.

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