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Pop's New Bad Gyal: Introducing Jessie J

But Jessie J, a 23-year-old singer-songwriter who is almost certainly the next big thing out of the UK, has identified a significant gap in the current pop landscape and nudged herself right in there: picking up where Pink and Kelis left off, Jessie is poised to be our resident bad gyal. That is, smart, bo$$y, all-around-awesome.

How To Explain It To My Parents

How To Explain It To My Parents, a fantastic documentary series released last summer by artists/directors Lernert & Sander, features just that: a handful of abstract artists explaining their work to their parents.

Funny Hipster Gives George Michael's "Careless Whisper" Full Public Prank Treatment

The classic so-cheesy-it’s-kind-of-amazing saxophone solo from George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” gets the public prank treatment in this video. A mulleted, shirtless, pleather pant-clad jokester serenaded crowds at a mall food court, an in-n-out drive thru, and even a college biology class with his sexy sax sounds, all the while pissing off security guard after security guard.

Man Sounds Just Like Shakira

It’s not clear whether it’s a gift or a curse, but Rudolfo Burgos’ uncanny Shakira imitation shocked the judges on this TV show. Shakira’s voice—which has always sounded distinctly farm-animal-like to me but is adored by millions of people around the world—is her trademark, and this dude seriously has it down pat.

Sweet Grandma Preaches Love and Acceptance

This is one of those rare videos that gives me some hope in humankind. Australian comedian Josh Thomas’ super-sweet grandma, who has three gay grandchildren, touchingly describes her opposition to her priest’s (and the Church’s) views on homosexuality.

The Robo-Rainbow is Sweet

Mudlevel, an artist about whom not much other than his handle seems to be known, created Robo-rainbow, an ingenious bicycle-based art-making contraption. He calls it an Instrument of Mass Destruction, and describes it pretty aptly as a “complicated technical solution to aide [sic] in simple acts of vandalism.”

Louisiana Child Molester Surgically Castrated in Plea Deal

In a controversial move in 2008, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed the Sex Offender Chemical Castration Bill, which authorizes the court to order the chemical castration of any person convicted of aggravated rape, forcible rape, second degree sexual battery, aggravated incest, molestation of a juvenile when the victim is under the age of 13, or an aggravated crime against nature.

Developers Show Off Voice-Activated Videogame

Years after their release, I’m still having a hard time processing the existence of the Wii and the Xbox Kinect. 3D motion capture? Infrared sensors? Wireless movement-detecting controller? It’s all just so…cool and futuristic. But is if that weren’t enough, looks like the next advancement in video gaming technology is even cooler: voice-activated gaming.

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